Author: Christina Tetreault

citizen hotel

The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento

Along the bustling downtown streets of Sacramento, you’ll see The Citizen Hotel–and its iconic arch. The 14-floor luxury stay within California’s first skyscraper was built in 1925, paying a tribute to the state’s and nation’s political past.


El Pueblo Inn in Sonoma

Right on the corner of Sonoma Highway and Napa Street, you’ll find a piece of Sonoma’s history. El Pueblo Inn, with a sign illuminating at dusk and decorated by green vines and luscious trees, is a Tuscan-style inn that has been serving guests since 1959.

chow san ramon

Restaurant of the Week: Chow San Ramon

They call it “American cookery” and not “cuisine.” Why? The chef’s intentional and inviting comfortability in every bite and in every square foot. It’s a key phrase when describing Chow – a well-known and beloved restaurant with a new home in San Ramon bringing comfort food classics and cozy charm back to the Bay Area after a three-year hiatus.

marugame udon

Restaurant of the Week: Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon, the wildly popular Japanese restaurant known for its udon noodles and tempura, is now open at San Ramon’s City Center Bishop Ranch. The buzz of excitement is heard as you walk through the entire shopping center as guests wait in a line wrapped around the corner for a taste of this new place.