Author: Christina Tetreault

rooh san franciso

Restaurant of the Week: ROOH San Francisco

ROOH, Progressive Indian, in San Francisco serves rich, Indian-style cuisine. The restaurant molds together traditional dishes and cooking techniques, oftentimes held deep within the hearts of mothers in the kitchen teaching their children, with unique and colorful California-grown ingredients to present innovatively decadent plates.

lb steak

Restaurant of the Week: LB Steak

The second location of LB Steak, a luxurious modern American steakhouse concept specializing in fresh, in-house butchered steak, now resides on the inside of City Center at Bishop Ranch. Led by a James Beard-nominated French chef, the restaurant just opened its doors in San Ramon.

huria's beet

Restaurant of the Week: Huria’s

Adriana and Mohaimen Huria, with a taste for fine fresh food, a keen eye for design and a heart for adventure, run Huria’s restaurant and catering company out of Bodega Bay. The couple ventured to Northern California in 2017 with eyes on starting fresh—both for their creative spirits and for their food concept.

harbor court hotel lobby

San Francisco’s Harbor Court Hotel

In the middle of San Francisco’s iconic Embarcadero, constantly filled with the hums of people hustling and bustling through the city’s financial district, you’ll find Harbor Court Hotel. The newly reopened boutique space gives guests a modern-day hotel stay experience while glorifying the city’s rich roots.