Author: Kyley Warren


How to Celebrate the Golden Globe Awards in California

Despite a year ridden with delayed production schedules and a number of buzz-worthy flicks forced to debut on streaming services (or have their release pushed back altogether), the 78th Golden Globe Awards are still set to premiere this coming Sunday. Here’s everything to know about the event, including how you can join in on celebrating the grandeur of one of Hollywood’s biggest nights.


California’s Best Local Bookstores

California has no shortage of eccentricity in its culture, communities or businesses. And the best example of that is in its wide array of independent, locally owned bookstores that deal everything from historic pieces of literature to indie writings.


Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles

Pop the Champagne and cue Auld Lang Syne, because it’s time to say goodbye to the madness that was 2020 and celebrate a new year in style. While all in-person events are cancelled in Los Angeles, here are some of the best COVID-friendly alternatives to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles.

California’s 5 Best Small Towns

Tourists are often drawn to destination hubs like Los Angeles and San Francisco, but it’s actually California’s small towns that boast the most character and charm. Here are five small towns you should detour to on your next West Coast adventure.