Fabulous Eco-Winemakers: Part 4

Stonestreet - Kristina Shideler

Kristina Shideler of Stonestreet Estate Vineyards

Tell us about the sustainable and eco-friendly practices at the vineyard: Stonestreet Estate Vineyards’ sustainable goals are focused around increasing water and energy use efficiency, conserving the use of resources, reducing waste and maintaining the natural environment. Beyond the vineyards, the Stonestreet team works to ensure sustainable methods are practiced in all aspects of the business, including offices, warehouses, sales, marketing, and transportation. All Stonestreet vineyards are third-party certified sustainable under the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW) and Sustainability in Practice (SIP) programs. Outside of what is done to the vines directly, Stonestreet takes pride on the sustainable practices that go beyond the planted vines, including leaving open, native space for plants and animals to flourish, housing raptor and owl boxes to house creatures that provide natural pest management, engage in stream restoration and endangered species protection, and practice responsible water use through drip irrigation.

Tell us about the varietals you make: Stonestreet is one of the most expansive and multi-faceted mountain vineyards in the world and produces a distinctive collection of single vineyard wines — powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, soulful Chardonnay, and electric Sauvignon Blanc. Being masters of high-elevation wines, the valleys, peaks and ledges all add distinction and diversity to the grapes that grow there. The geological diversity of the mountain, which contains more soil types than all of France, confers a strong mineral characteristic in the fruit, while the challenges of farming at elevation produce smaller, more concentrated berry clusters.

What are a few wines that readers should try right now?

2017 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Blanc de Blancs

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