Fabulous Eco-Winemakers: Part 4

Dry Creek - Tim Bell

Tim Bell of Dry Creek Vineyard

Tell us about the sustainable and eco-friendly practices at the vineyard: Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for Dry Creek Vineyard — it’s our way of life and has been for many decades. Our family winery and all our estate vineyards are 100 percent Certified Sustainable, and we continue to break barriers with our commitment to transparent labeling and minimal intervention winemaking. In addition to crafting high-quality wines, Dry Creek Vineyard is actively engaged in energy reduction and waste reduction methods across all departments at their winery.

Led by partner Don Wallace, we focus on creating a symbiotic relationship in the vineyard. We use fewer pesticides, less spraying and more cover cropping to create a biologically diverse ecosystem. That means more beneficial pests, construction of owl boxes and raptor perches, and many more earth-friendly farming practices, including keeping bees onsite and cultivating olive trees. This launched a new direction for the future that has dramatically impacted not only the winery but the entire way that others farm in Sonoma County.

Tell us about the varietals you make: We are proud that our 185 acres of estate vineyards are 100 percent Certified Sustainable. Our family winery is primarily known for Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc, but our home appellation has also become an undiscovered gem for Bordeaux-inspired blends and varietals, from Cabernet Sauvignon to the more esoteric Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. We believe that phenomenal wines are crafted by Mother Nature, with healthy soil and flourishing vines, so there is minimal intervention when the fruit is brought to the winery — just the way it should be!

What are a few wines that readers should try right now?

Dry Creek 2022 Fumé Blanc

Dry Creek 2020 Vogensen Ranch Zinfandel

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