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Fabulous People: Andre Hudson

Andre Hudson is the head of design for INDI EV, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in the next generation of electric vehicles. The company recently launched “a labor of love,” says Hudson, the INDI ONE, a gaming-inspired five-passenger family crossover. No stranger to next-level work, Hudson is also responsible for designing the 2011 Hyundai Sonata. Learn about Andre Hudson…

Hometown: Denver, CO

First job: I worked in retail for Michael’s Arts and Crafts. I remember it was the only place in Aurora that would hire me at 16 years old. I took the job to pay for my car that I essentially only used to get to and from my job, which in hindsight seems pretty silly. 

Favorite ways to spend your free time in CA: My wife Jaymini and I have three boys, and we frequent any and all museums in our free time. I have always been very interested in machines that move since I was a child, and I try to share this interest with my kids. We love visiting San Diego’s Air & Space, Chino’s Yanks Air Museum, Orange County’s Lyons Air Museum, and the Southern California Railroad Museum in Riverside. And of course, the beauty of living in California means you always have the beach if you’re bored! 

Your biggest accomplishment and why: My latest role as head of design at INDI EV has been an amazing ride. Working with a small and focused team to bring a new brand and car to life has been extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. I’ve always told my team, “This endeavor will only be what we make it, and together we can be great.” It’s incredibly inspiring to see the fruits of our labor come to fruition. 

I’m also amazingly proud for designing the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and bringing it to garages everywhere. Designing a successful product that brings joy to people’s lives is every designer’s dream. That is a career highlight I’ll never forget. 

The biggest obstacle you overcame: One of the my life’s biggest challenges is trying to find the right balance between family and work. I have been very fortunate to have an amazing wife that’s allowed me to be on business for literally years of our time together, and she has always held down the fort at home. Having adopted two newborn brothers in the last several years has brought back some of those same challenges from when our teenage son growing up, and it was a busy time during my career. 

Someone who inspires you and why: My mother never ceases to amaze me. She managed to raise three successful children and get us all through college even after my parents separated. She has worked hard in life and still manages to put family first. She lives frugally and manages to not let things get her down, which I believe has enabled me and my siblings to get a head start in life. 

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Be a student of the world and observe everything, especially if you seek to pursue a creative career trajectory. As a creative person, I draw my inspiration from everywhere – the places I visit, the movies I watch, the stories I hear from people of different backgrounds. I take these experiences with me into the designing process. 

Favorite quote: “We don’t teach children nearly as much as they teach us.” —Unknown 

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I have shaved my head bald for 20 years, way before it was considered cool.

What makes someone fabulous: Being your own person. Having your own style, interests and preferences. This is even more difficult in today’s social connected world, but its even more special when you see it. 

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