The Gracias Madre margarita

5 Los Angeles Margaritas to Sip on National Margarita Day

A good drink is all you need to take a night out from good to great—especially if the drink of choice is a margarita. Fortunately, for Los Angeles locals and tourists alike, the city is home to more than a few spots that boast some of the most decadent and unforgettable margs on the West Coast. Here are the five best margaritas to indulge in while in L.A. on National Margarita Day (Feb. 22) and beyond.

Flores Margarita at Bar Flores

This Echo Park hotspot is home to the famed Flores Margarita—a bar staple that brings together the flavors of tequila, lemon, lime, naranja, triple sec, azucar and pretty hibiscus salt. And perhaps best of all—it can be ordered in a mezcal pitcher for even more margarita-infused fun.

The Tarantino Casa Vega
Photo courtesy Casa Vega.

The Tarantino at Casa Vega

It doesn’t get more quintessentially L.A. than a margarita named after the famed film director, Quentin Tarantino. And at Casa Vega—where Tarantino is a reported regular—there’s actually a signature margarita that’s been made in his honor. Aptly titled The Tarantino, the marg features Casamigos Anejo, fresh lemon and lime juice, fresh OJ, lemon Stevia, agave and sparkling water.

Cilantro Ginger Margarita at El Carmen

Flavors of the classic margarita, ginger and cilantro (yes, you read that right) are seamlessly blended in The Carmen’s Cilantro Ginger marg—which is crafted from Tonalo Reposado, agave syrup, ginger liqueur and lime that’s been paired with cilantro. Despite it’s unique name, the drink is pretty popular at this Beverly Grove hotspot.

Gracias Madre margarita
Photo courtesy Acapulco.

Grand Compadre Margarita at Acapulco

The Grand Compadre really is as grand as it sounds. This house margarita boasts a mixture that includes Maestro Dobel Silver, triple sec, sweet and sour, plus it comes with a mini bottle of Grand Marnier (as Instagrammable as it is delicious).

Purista Margarita at Gracias Madre

You really can never go wrong with a classic margarita—but somehow, Gracias Madre (a can’t-miss L.A. cantina) ups the drink’s antics with a spirited twist that includes tequila blanco, lime, agave, house orange bitters and citrus salt.

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