Bar Monette to Open in Santa Monica

Prepare to be wined and dined like never before. In early 2023, Santa Monica will host the debut of acclaimed chef and restaurateur Sean MacDonald’s first US dining concept, Bar Monette.

A Neapolitan pizza concept, Bar Monette will be situated in the heart of stunning Santa Monica. Just off of the sprawling Santa Monica Boulevard, you can find the perfect place for pizza nestled along the California coast. Bar Monette boasts not only an outdoor patio with a one-of-a-kind ocean view but also an an exquisite interior ideal for an intimate evening. Like a mid-century modern library, the stage will be set with striking chandeliers, dark green accents and a carefully curated collection of ceramics sourced from all around LA.

Bar Monette

A love letter to MacDonald’s wife Monette, Bar Monette will have a sophisticated tapas and wine bar design that draws inspiration from Spain and Italy. However, Neapolitan-style pizzas will be the main attraction. Baked to perfection using a special dough recipe created by MacDonald, these pizzas and their premium Italian ingredients will be nothing short of a trip to Italy.

To keep things sweet and simple, five categories will make up Bar Monette’s mouthwatering menu. First, of course, the pizza will have a special place on the menu, showcasing flavor profiles like a combination of pesto Dungeness crab, pine nut, fresh basil and aged cheese. From there, small plates designed to pair with the pizza will be the perfect accompaniment to your pie. In addition, the pizzas can be beautified with a selection of sauces and dips for the crispy crusts, from burnt romanesco and jalapeño tonnato to shaved truffle. Last, but certainly not least, depending on the season and Chef MacDonald’s creative inclinations, the decadent desserts will be different each time you dine at Bar Monette.

Bar Monette

“I’m thrilled to be opening my first spot in the States, in my favorite city, right by the ocean and beach. It’s a dream come true,” says Chef MacDonald, in a press release. The young chef, who moved from Toronto, where he was the chef-owner of ēst Restaurant and Biga Pies, which was ranked No. 35 in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List, made the Best Chef honors list in 2018 at the age of 25 as the only Canadian.

That being said, if you’re searching for love at first bite, look no further than Bar Monette. This seaside spot for Neapolitan-style pizzas, small plates and a unique assortment of natural wines and beers will swoon you with its scenic surroundings and win you over with its full-bodied flavors.

Bar Monette will be open for walk-ins only from midday to midnight, closed Sundays, and cashless.

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