Best Instagrammable Dessert Spots

Few things are as sweet as supporting unique, local businesses—and California is no stranger to eclectic spots all throughout Los Angeles and beyond. Here are some of the best and most Instagrammable dessert spots to stop by the next time you’re looking to get a decadent taste of the West Coast.

The Milk Shop

Los Angeles

The Milk Shop is a beloved brand pretty much all around the country—but there’s something even sweeter about the dessert shops’ treats in California. The menu features unique takes on the classic macaron, and The Milk Shop even dips its ice cream sandwiches in a number of toppings that are completely your choice. For more information, visit

Cauldron Ice Cream

Santa Ana

It’s impossible to imagine a way that ice cream could be made even better than it already is—and yet even still, Cauldron ice Cream still finds a way to elevate it via its Hong Kong-inspired egg waffle cone. The wide variety of decadent ice cream flavors are accented by fresh and newly baked waffle cones that add a unique savory element to an already delicious taste. For more information, visit

Baked Bear

Hermosa Beach

If there’s a brand to credit the elevation of the ice cream sandwich to, it’s undoubtedly The Baked Bear. This sweet spot produces cookie, brownie and even donut ice cream sandwiches that are somehow even more addictive and flavorful than they sound. For more information, visit

The Dirty Cookie

Orange County

At The Dirty Cookie, guests can down a collection of unique and flavorful shots—well, cookie shots with flavored milk, that is. The dessert spot serves up everything from red velvet and chocolate chip cookie shots that are elevated by flavored milk variations like chocolate milk and vanilla. For more information, visit

Amorino USA

San Francisco

Amorino USA has gelato shops all over the world. And while there basically isn’t a bad item on the menu, it’s universally understood that the shop’s rose-molded sorbet is especially unique and beloved by most every consumer. Their creamy gelato flavors can be designed into styles that resemble that of an actual rose bloom—beautiful and delicious! For more information, visit

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