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Chotto Matte to Open in San Francisco

Chotto Matte, an internationally renowned Nikkei restaurant, prepares to make its debut on the West Coast. The newest location in San Francisco will officially open Sept. 23. Located in Union Square, Chotto Matte is set to redefine dining in Downtown San Francisco.

Chotto Matte first emerged in London’s dining scene in 2013, rapidly capturing attention with its unique blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. Today, the restaurant group has locations in London, Miami, Toronto, Doha and, now, a soon-to-be-opened restaurant in San Francisco.

The design of the San Francisco space will be crafted by Andy Martin SUPERFUTURES. Chic yet organic, the decor features lush foliage, warm tones and distinctive elements like Japanese lavastone and the brand’s signature monochrome flooring. The restaurant will have an indoor-outdoor dining experience complete with a wraparound terrace offering panoramic city views year-round. Get ready for an over-the-top layout with a robata grill as the focal point as guests arrive. The restaurant will also have a sushi bar, wine display and a DJ booth.

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“I am thrilled to bring Chotto Matte, our unique dining haven nestled atop San Francisco’s vibrant cityscape on Union Square. Overlooking the city, our rooftop restaurant and lounge provide a captivating backdrop for a dining experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind. San Francisco, a city admired for its rich food culture and diversity, feels to me like the perfect fit for Chotto Matte. I’m eagerly anticipating the moment I can welcome local food lovers into our world, where every bite is a journey through the dynamic spectrum of flavors, and every dish tells a tale of tradition meeting creativity,” says Kurt Zdesar, founding director at Chotto Matte, in a press release.

The culinary direction is led by globally acclaimed Group Executive Chef Jordan Sclare, guaranteeing fresh, organic ingredients. Signature dishes, such as the iconic Chotto branzino ceviche, tentáculos de pulpo, Sato maki sushi and pollo den miso, are set to be featured on the menu. The Tokyo to Lima drink menu draws inspiration from unlikely flavors and ingredients. Following the launch, Chotto Matte will introduce a cocktail menu with exclusive drinks influenced by the local landscape of San Francisco.

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50 O’Farrell St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

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