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Founder of Blaze Pizza to Open Bagel+Slice in Los Angeles

The head chef and co-founder of Blaze Pizza is setting his sights on another carb-tastic endeavor. Bagel+Slice is set to open later this fall in Highland Park.

Brad Kent, head chef and co-founder of Blaze Pizza, is excited to show off his efforts after more than 30 years of work to perfect the taste and texture of bagels at Bagel+Slice, coming to Highland Park later this fall. Bagel+Slice rolls bagels by hand, boils bagels and bakes bagels on a burlap-lined board in a hearth oven (not a convection oven), paying homage to the methods of New York City makers.

Plus, Bagel+Slice is gluten-friendly, the wheat doughs for its bagels are vegan and the restaurant sources regenerative organic farming ingredients

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