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Fun Drink Spots in California

The only thing better than sitting back and indulging in a really good drink is sitting back with a fun drink in an inimitably cool spot. Evidently, California is home to quite a few Instagram-worthy drink spots—complete with breezy West Coast views, casual charm and an expansive cocktail menu of the sunny state’s very best spirits.

Here are the most fun drink spots to kick back at all throughout California.

Photo courtesy Bar Lis.

Bar Lis

Los Angeles

You can’t round up the most iconic, fun drink spots in California without mentioning Bar Lis. The cocktail hotspot frequented by locals, tourists, celebrities and athletes alike has a reputation for its expansive drink menu and sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills. The Strawberry Fields is a classic with its rhubarb, mint and vodka-make. Plus, it pays homage to The Beatles. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Lily’s Bar LA.

Lily’s Bar

Los Angeles

Head over to Los Angeles’s own Lily’s Bar for a taste of the Head Honcho—a vodka, watermelon, lemon and spicy bitters-infused cocktail that seamlessly blends into the bar’s regal, classic Hollywood vibe. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Pearl Hour.

Pearl Hour


Who knew a cocktail could be so royal and polished? Pearl Hour has no shortage of delicious drinks, but this flower-powered spirit boasts a particularly unique flavor. With mezcal, passionflower and lavender tea, creme de violette and California poppy flower essence, there’s so much to love about the cocktail. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Capri Club.

Capri Club

Los Angeles

Capri Club is the type of cocktail hotspot that will have you wanting to come early and stay late. In the mood for an especially tropical taste? You’ll be reaching for the Jungle Bird cocktail time after time, with its rum, pineapple essence and red bitter citrus. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Desert 5 Spot.

Desert 5 Spot

Los Angeles

After you finish working nine to five, hop right over to Desert 5 Spot for a taste of some of the most decadent cocktails on the West Coast, making it a top fun drink spot in California. Walk the Line is a particular favorite—and not just because it’s super pretty. With Bombay Sapphire gin, Combier le Bleu, cucumber, lemon, prosecco and even an extra sparkle (with glitter-infused ingredients, no less), you can’t go wrong with ordering this drink. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy False Idol.

False Idol

San Diego

As it turns out, you don’t actually have to go to Hawaii to enjoy a taste of the Island life—just stop by False Idol. The tiki-themed bar has everything from classic Mai Tais and Eastern Sours, plus a handful of other fresh cocktail flavors. The Painkiller is especially decadent, with an ingredient lineup that includes Overproof Rum Agricola, coconut, passionfruit, matcha and more. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy The Grant.

The Grant

Los Angeles

The Grant certainly isn’t your average Los Angeles bar—but that doesn’t make its cocktail offerings any less impressive. Whether you’re in the mood for spirited cocktails, rich glasses of wine or aged beer drinks, you can indulge in them all at The Grant. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Polite Provisions.

Polite Provisions

San Diego

You might not know the exact kind of drink you’re looking for, but odds are you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for (and even what you aren’t) at Polite Provisions—the San Diego-based bar that specializes in happy hour delicacies. Try the lemon-centric Kentucky Buck bourbon and Vodka Bramble—with vodka, lemon and blackberries. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Son and Garden.

Son and Garden

San Francisco

While Son and Garden might have a reputation for serving up some of the best breakfast dishes in San Francisco, the quirky hub is also a destination for some seriously fun cocktail creations—many of which are topped off with an eccentric, colorful touch (sometimes even a rubber duck!). For more information, visit

The Pioneer Cocktail Club

Lake Tahoe

Sure, Los Angeles might get all the hype for its vibrant cocktail scene, but perhaps it’s time that Lake Tahoe gets it due—especially with the Pioneer Cocktail Club, one of the most fun drink spots in California. From flavorful spirits, cute cocktails, and even boozy-infused desserts, there’s something for everyone to order (and love) off of the Pioneer Cocktail Club’s menu—and with cozy views of Lake Tahoe, no less. For more information, visit

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