Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Experience Store Reopens

It’s time for San Francisco chocolate lovers to rejoice. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s flagship store has officially reopened in Ghirardelli Square and is inviting fans to come bask in the aroma and indulgent taste of fresh chocolate, warm waffle cones and enjoy the lineup of the company’s famous sweet treats. 

After its grand reopening event this past May, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has officially reopened its flagship Chocolate Experience Store in heart of San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square. 

“We are thrilled to unveil the Chocolate Experience Store to our community of chocolate lovers and hometown of San Francisco,” says Justin Reese, VP of Retail and eCommerce at Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, in a press release. “Our premium chocolate, the historic architecture and the stunning views have made Ghirardelli Square a favorite San Francisco destination.”

The delicious destination offers its visitors the unique opportunity to watch chocolatiers create the brand’s signature hot fudge (made with pure chocolate, milk and vanilla). In the experience store, guests can personalize a tin of signature chocolate squares, shop the brand’s most popular treats and enjoy a signature hot fudge sundae while overlooking picture-perfect views of San Francisco Bay. 

Some goodies guests can anticipate enjoying include fresh house-made chocolate bars, pure chocolate flowing from tempering taps, ice cream in freshly made waffle cones and bowls, and to-die-for hand-dipped chocolate strawberries.  

To learn more about Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s Chocolate Experience Store, visit ghirardelli.com.

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