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HALL, WALT and BACA Wines Host My Wine Moment Giveaway

If you’re a wine lover who is handy with a camera, listen up. HALLWALT and BACA Wines in Napa and Sonoma counties launched the first-ever My Wine Moment Giveaway with some pretty sweet prizes at stake.

HALL, WALT and BACA Wines, family-owned wineries based in both Napa and Sonoma counties, host the My Wine Moment Giveaway, which is open for entry Oct. 1 through Nov. 24, 2021.

My Wine Moment entrants are invited to share an image enjoying wine as part of a special moment, like a birthday, graduation or any other joyous time. The winner and a guest will receive a four-day, three-night accommodations package in Napa Valley, roundtrip airfare and private ground transportation. The My Wine Moment winner and a guest will visit all five HALL, WALT and BACA luxury Tasting Room locations for a series of private food and wine experiences, with private transportation being provided to and from each. The winners will also receive a $500 Visa Gift Card for a selection of HALL, WALT and BACA wines.

Multiple Honorable Mention special wine moments photographs will be selected, as well.

The My Wine Moment Giveaway is free to enter, with a winner being selected Monday, Nov. 29. Participants may submit a photo and comment on the HALL, WALT or BACA websites at My Wine Moment or by posting a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #MyWineMoment and one of the brand hashtags #HALLWines, #WALTWines or #BACAWines.  

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