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Martha Stewart Launches Martha’s Lighter Chard

The latest from Martha Stewart’s second collaboration with 19 Crimes is a lighter Chardonnay–Martha’s Lighter Chard–with delicate notes, crisp flavors and only 80 calories. 

19 Crimes, a collaborative wine label partnering with Martha Stewart and her good friend Snoop Dogg, has just launched its newest bottle, Martha’s Lighter Chard. The latest wine is a light chardonnay crafted with high-quality California Chardonnay grapes from Stewart’s own orchard. 

Each glass is gently aromatic with soft notes of Golden Delicious apple, citrus and lightly candied oak with an 8.5 percent ABV. The most notable element of each bottle is its guilt-free experience, with each glass only containing 80 calories. 

“I love my original Martha’s Chard but was inspired to make something a little lighter for those looking to avoid overindulging,” says Stewart, in a press release. “Who says you have to sacrifice great taste while making healthier choices?”

Martha’s Lighter Chard is the second bottle under 19 Crimes and the first in the brand’s soon-to-be “Better For You” category. 

“Martha is a beloved lifestyle guru and culture creator who continues to push boundaries in the wine category,” says John Wardley, 19 Crimes franchise global vice president in a press release. “We are excited for Martha’s Lighter Chard to hit our loyal 19 Crimes fans base and be a disruptor in the Better for You category, a segment that has grown 100 percent in the last year.” 

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