Restaurant of the Week: Comedor

Just steps from beautiful Cress Street Beach is the historic La Casa del Camino hotel. A fixture in Laguna Beach since 1929, the hotel has an effortless coastal charm that takes generations to achieve. Upon walking up to La Casa del Camino, you’ll notice a cute patio reminiscent of a Spanish terrace. This is where you’ll find Comedor.

The dining room, which is what “comedor” means in Spanish, is bright and extremely welcoming. Large archways open up to the patio, providing an open-air experience for guests to enjoy Laguna Beach’s gorgeous year-round weather. Comedor has a romantic vibe that is ideal for a date or night out with friends, and at the far end of the room sits a large table for large parties or celebrations.

Comedor’s drink menu is full of craft cocktails with familiar flavors interpreted in a new way. If you’re quick to order an Aperol Spritz, the Amante will be sure to satisfy. The name itself means “mistress” and is just as tantalizing as you’d hope. El Jardín, meaning “the garden,” is refreshing and light. And lest we forget to mention the Comedor Sangria, a Spanish favorite and a must-try during your visit. The sangria is made from scratch, and you can tell. Rather than being too sweet, the Comedor Sangria had a deep red wine flavor with hints of citrus. Available by the glass or pitcher, you’ll have a hard time saying no to a second glass.

We love a tapas-style menu because it means you get to try more items. Some of Comedor’s standout tapas are the croquettes, charred Spanish octopus and carrot fritters. We also suggest the calamari and the Spanish flatbread with chorizo. The spiced breading on Comedor’s calamari is divine, and its accompanying paprika garlic lemon aioli takes it to another level. The Spanish flatbread has a pillowy soft foundation with extremely flavorful toppings.

After ordering a couple of tapas, we suggest digging into a least one larger entrée from Comedor’s mains section. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish, and we were told La Casa del Camino’s corporate chef personally provided his expertise to ensure Comedor’s paella is the very best recipe. The result is a tasty mix of land and sea that you just can’t get at many restaurants. Additional notable main dishes include the rossejat de fideos, New York strip steak and mushroom risotto.

No meal is complete without a delicious dessert, and Comedor has plenty of those. With the option of three types of parfaits, apple strudel, chocolate cake and crème brûlée, there’s something for every taste. The old-fashioned chocolate cake is exactly what you want out of a rich, decadent dessert—and pair it with vanilla ice cream? You’ve got a match made in heaven.

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