Restaurant of the Week: Morning Glory

Sometimes, I feel like Instagram was invented just to showcase brunch in all its glory. Make that in all its Morning Glory, a breakfast and brunch hotspot in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy.

Featuring an insanely Instagramable design along with a menu catering to trend seekers and brunch purists alike, Morning Glory is a 4,000-sq.-foot, second-story cartoon come to life (in the best way possible) unlike any other brunch experience in the city. Since I am a food writer and not a designer, nailing down the right words to best describe the interior is tough. It is brassy (literally – so much brass!) and brash, bold and bright. And pink. It is very pink! The only real word I can think to describe it is EXTRA. So, so EXTRA. And I am here for it.

I am also here for the food and drink; and you will want to be, too.

Menu standouts include souffle pancakes, avocado toast dubbed “Millennial Tears,” Khachapuri, Shakshuka and a signature Morning Glory fried rice, which has pork belly, cheese, peas, scallions and fried eggs. While likely still on hold amid COVID-19, when the world is normal there is also a breakfast dim sum cart rolling around with all sorts of random, magical, off-the-wall specialties of the day to grab and taste.

Of course, brunch is as much about the cocktails as it is the culinary creations, right? Morning Glory seems to think so (as do I!) with nearly 30 eclectic options to imbibe. The menu is so large that it is divided into seven sections:

  • Fizzy Lifting Drinks, which are all light and refreshing
  • The Morning Wood Old Fashioned, which is a section devoted to their take on the Old Fashioned and all of its possible add-ons and twists
  • Cloud-Based Technology, which are their foamy, not overly sweet offerings
  • Salt of the Earth, the savory options
  • Bump’n’Rides, which is actually a tasting menu of higher-end spirits paired with (wait for it) a Miller High Life and Pringles chip topped with sturgeon caviar
  • Caffeine & Liquor, the coffee cocktail division
  • Morning Glory’s, both nonalcoholic drinks and bubbly hard seltzers on draft

The restaurant also boasts an impressive afternoon tea service, making it a must-hit destination, no matter the time of day.

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