San Diego’s Le Parfait Paris Introduces New Menu

Traditionally known for its French baked goods, Le Parfait Paris has launched the newest evening menu at its Gaslamp location in Downtown San Diego featuring a unique wine tasting experience. 

The locally-owned spot has introduced a wine bar element to its cafe, allowing visitors to sample shareable bites and French-inspired fare (like steak frites) on its new menu, Les Nuits Parfaites, which translates to “the perfect nights.” 

Each of the seven new dishes on Les Nuits Parfaites has an optional wine pairing to complement the dining destination’s extensive, rotating wine list, including primarily French and California wines. Each new sip is hand-selected by owners Ludi and Guillaume Ryon, who aim to show guests affordable wine they might be unfamiliar with but will fall in love with. 

Some Les Nuits Parfaites highlights include the mushroom dip with mushroom, thyme, garlic, Sherry, cream, truffle oil and cheese; the smoked salmon tartare with house-made baguettes; and an indulgent baked Brie. Each dish is handcrafted with only high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients found in California. 

In addition to its new menu items, Le Parfait Paris has also added a refreshing, gardenesque patio to its dining space. The intimate botanical atmosphere is uniquely available only at the Gaslamp location. 

Fans of the French restaurant will be happy to know Le Parfait Paris’ full selection of coffee, pastries, crepes, desserts and macarons will still be available. 

To learn more about Le Parfait Paris, visit parfaitparis.com.

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