6 San Francisco Chocolate Shops

No matter the occasion, chocolate is always the answer. Rely on these San Francisco chocolate shops for create-your-own truffle boxes, decadent cakes and truly one-of-a-kind tasting experiences.

Dandelion Chocolate

This bean-to-bar chocolate maker in San Francisco‘s Mission District made a name for itself first through its famous hot cocoa made with sustainable, small-batch chocolate. Ten years later, at Dandelion Chocolate, guests can still smell the chocolate spinning away before it’s molded into creamy bars, confections and truffles. This San Francisco chocolate shop comes in handy with gold-wrapped bars for gifting, decadent cakes for celebrations and chocolate-covered espresso beans for snacking. Like a scene out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, you’ll be able to see the chocolate makers in action. Plus, for an even more intimate experience, Dandelion Chocolate also offers chocolate-inspired experiences, classes and tours. Chocolate tastings are the perfect way to sample single-origin chocolates while learning the vocabulary to expand your chocolate palate. For more information, visit

Feve Artisan Chocolatier

Feve Artisan Chocolatier

Founded in San Francisco in 2007, Feve Artisan Chocolatier has since gained popularity across the nation for its confections with bold flavor profiles. Guests can order a beautiful box of chocolates for any occasion, but visiting this San Francisco chocolate shop in person is the best way to experience all of the sweetness and get your luxury chocolates straight from the source. Customizable boxes are the perfect way to try all of the fun flavors that catch your eye. If you’re looking for a boozy chocolate tasting experience, be sure to try out some of Feve Artisan Chocolatier’s spirit-infused truffles. The Cabernet truffle will melt in your mouth with milk chocolate ganache infused with a full-bodied California Cabernet. Stop by Feve Artisan Chocolatier’s chocolate factory to create your own colorful collection of chocolates, complete with bright red passionfruit-dark chocolate hearts and peanut butter crunches dusted with gold sparkles. For more information, visit

Jade Chocolates Teahouse & Cafe

Jade Chocolates Teahouse & Cafe matches the seaside vibe of San Francisco with authentic, Asian-fusion artisan chocolates blended with teas, spices and tropical fruits of the Pacific Islands. All of the individually piped chocolates are packed with fresh flavors before being airbrushed with colorful cocoa butter designs. Indulge in a mixed box of chocolate bonbons to experience bites of heaven with tastes like lychee-rose green tea, coconut honey and miso caramel. In addition, this San Francisco chocolate shop is also known for its signature award-winning chocolate bars, like its sweet-and-salty, Chinese-inspired terracotta bar, complete with bits of pink terracotta-colored sea salt and almonds soaked in tamari-soy sauce. But don’t leave Jade Chocolates Teahouse & Cafe without grabbing some Pearls of Wisdom. Perfect to glamourize any charcuterie board, these pearlescent truffles feature caramelized hazelnuts coated in heavy bittersweet chocolate and a thin coating of pearlized white chocolate. For more information, visit

Sixth Course

Sixth Course

Located in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District, Sixth Course is a small-batch chocolate shop that creates edible art. More of a showroom, this San Francisco chocolate shop showcases its stunning chocolates in elegant display cases beneath truffle-inspired lights. Like shopping for jewelry, guests can browse the glistening cases of decadent chocolate truffles with flavors ranging from chai tea caramel to hazelnut ganache. All of Sixth Course’s chocolates are made using the finest ingredients, like dairy from Clover Stornetta, a family farm along the north coast of California, and locally made butter from the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. The truffles are then infused with herbs, spirits and spices to create the most blissful blend of sweet and savory flavors. Be sure to check out the lavender honey and raspberry-rose ganache truffles to get into the spirit of springtime. These beautiful bites contain fruity and floral notes and are sealed with a cute, hand-painted flower design. For more information, visit

Kokak Chocolates

Known as the oldest cacao variety in the world and the most treasured by chocolatiers around the globe, arriba naciónal is used to make single-origin dark chocolate delicacies at Kokak Chocolates. This San Francisco chocolate shop uses sustainable ingredients to create decadent desserts. Currently, a popular collaboration with Boonville Barn Collective, a woman-owned farm that’s been producing unique chile powders for 10 years in the resource-rich Anderson Valley, lets guests taste what Kokak Chocolates is all about. This creative collection boasts chile-infused chocolates like hot chocolate truffles and white chocolate lilypad-shaped bars with Calabrian chile flakes. Aside from spicing up your life, Kokak Chocolates can also appeal to your sweet tooth with stunning chocolate bars decorated with dried flowers. Test out the 2022 International Chocolate Salon Awards’ Best White Chocolate Winner for an award-winning white chocolate bar with pistachio, coconut flakes and rose petals. For more information, visit

L’Amourette Chocolat

L’Amourette Chocolat is a small, family-owned chocolate factory established in Summer 2011. Just over a year ago, the chocolatier opened its very first boutique, which is now in the process of being Fair Trade-certified. Beyond the actual chocolate, the San Francisco shop is a sight to behold, as well. “Before I started to fulfill my dream to become chocolatier, I had some previous background in art and architecture,” says Andre V of L’Amourette Chocolat. “I decided to make my own interior and exterior design, especially full-scale interior wall murals where I presented the process of roasting gourmet cacao beans.” For more information, visit

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