Seabreeze Craft Chocolates Introduces Chocolate of the Month Club

Seabreeze Craft Chocolates, a decadent San Diego-based shop, is now offering a new subscription-based service, Chocolate of the Month Club. This service offers delectable monthly chocolate deliveries for enthusiasts worldwide. 

Owned by chocolatier Jim Lantry, Seabreeze Craft Chocolates is an artisanal chocolate boutique and factory based in San Diego. Lantry’s unique approach involves crafting chocolate from cacao beans and creating innovative fillings inspired by his culinary favorites and trends.

In addition to its lavish assortment of sweets, Seabreeze Craft Chocolates invites chocolate enthusiasts to indulge in its new subscription-based service, Chocolate of the Month Club. This program brings nine assorted truffles or bonbons each month for a year. Each box includes a variety of seasonal and core flavors, ensuring a fresh and delightful experience with every delivery.


For those with a penchant for chocolate bars, the monthly package of the Chocolate of the Month Club is a treat. It includes three artisanal bars: a single-origin bar, a specialty nut bar and a seasonal filled bar. With a rotation of seasonal offerings, each month brings a new and exciting flavor to savor.

Lantry introduced the Chocolate of the Month Club with a vision to offer chocolate lovers a convenient and cost-effective way to explore a variety of chocolates. 

“Members can look forward to discovering new and exciting flavors while enjoying exclusive savings and the convenience of doorstep delivery,” says Lantry, in a press release. “The subscription boxes also make a thoughtful and delicious gift.” 

There are two distinctive subscription services to choose from, each priced at $45 per month. These include an option with nine assorted truffles and bonbons and a box with three specialty bars. A three-month gift option is also available, offering a loved one three months of delicious service with nine truffles and bonbons. As a Chocolate of the Month club perk, get complimentary free shipping on gift subscriptions by entering the code “MEMBERPERK” at checkout.

For more information, visit

3840 Valley Centre Dr., Ste. 604
San Diego, CA 92130

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