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Summer Sipping at Herb & Sea

With a daily forecast of partly cloudy in the high 70’s, summer is anything but cruel in San Diego. Located in the charming city of Encinitas, Herb & Sea can be found off a lively stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway just a few minutes from the beach. Herb & Sea is celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey’s companion restaurant to Herb & Wood in Little Italy. Using unconventional ingredients like peas and sage, Herb & Sea has created a menu of cocktails that will enchant and delight your taste buds.

Sea-sonal Summer Libations

Herb & Peas

A vegetative twist on the restaurant name, Herb & Peas uses an infused liquor that you don’t see on many bar shelves: snap pea vodka. Combined with honeydew, ginger beer and bitters, Herb & Peas is so light and unique that you’ll want to order round after round. Bar Lead Laz Jimenez said he was inspired by the vivacious veggies on the dinner menu to create the Herb & Peas cocktail.

Lemon & Herbs

Mocktails are having a major moment. Whether you’re sober, sober curious or looking to enjoy a drink that’s alcohol-free, Lemon & Herbs doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out. Lemon & Herbs is exactly what the name suggests: fresh lemon juice, lemon and thyme syrup, sage-infused grenadine and soda. The result is a sweet and sour walk through the garden that is tasty and refreshing.

Lemon & Herbs

Drinks to Sip All Year

Kiwi, Do You Love Me?

Yes, we do. Anyone who loves kiwi knows it’s a very difficult flavor to capture. Kiwi, Do You Love Me? combines tequila with kiwi, banana liqueur and lime to create a tropical sweet treat that is full of kiwi flavor.

Brûlée & Black

The second of Herb & Sea’s mocktails, Brûlée & Black is a drink like we’ve never tasted before—and that’s saying something! Turmeric-black pepper honey is added to charred lemon iced tea to create an intoxicating drink that’s completely alcohol-free. Topped with a brûléed lemon, the Brûlée & Black is an ambitious drink that’s anything but boring. Pro tip: If you’d like to transform this into a cocktail, we suggest adding whiskey.

Lemon & Herbs


We love an espresso martini and after thoroughly enjoying the cocktails we had already tasted, we knew Herb & Sea’s take on it wouldn’t disappoint (pictured at top of page). A mix of vodka, Mr Black coffee liqueur, Ironsmith espresso and Madagascar vanilla combines into smooth and creamy caffeinated perfection. After the concoction is poured into a 1930’s-style Nick & Nora glass and topped with three espresso beans, don’t forget to toast to health, wealth and happiness!

A Classic Old Fashioned

This classic gentleman’s drink can be found in every bar in California, so how does Herbs & Sea make it their own? Made prohibition-style, this Old Fashioned starts with a large ice cube stamped with their signature “H” and is finished with an orange twist and speared cherry. We describe their interpretation as top notch.

Drink & Eat

Herb & Sea’s dinner menu consists of raw bar classics, fresh seafood and steak, and handmade pizzas and pastas that are finished with vegetables and herbs handpicked at the farmer’s market in the morning.

For more information about Herb & Sea, visit: www.herbandsea.com.

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