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Taste of Beauty Orange County

Nestled in the heart of Fountain Valley, Taste of Beauty is a plant-based culinary gem that promises an unforgettable dining experience that you can see, smell, touch and taste.

With its calming ambiance, innovative tasting menus and commitment to using seasonal ingredients, this restaurant will transform your notions about plant-based cuisine. Although you’ve likely been to many fine dining restaurants, Taste of Beauty truly delivers a special encounter with the way the staff develops and present their vegan and vegetarian courses. Plant-based food doesn’t always get put on a pedestal, but Taste of Beauty is a true testament that you don’t need meat to enjoy an elegant, luxurious meal.

After being seated, we are offered the option to have incense burning at our table. The relaxing smells and the music instantly put us at ease and take away any stressful thoughts we brought inside the restaurant with us.

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Taste of Beauty offers three cocktails that are sake-, soju- or wine-based. The Ambassador provides a sweet and tart flavor while The Poet is extremely refreshing and bright. Mocktails and wine are also available. Additionally, the restaurant has the option of an immersive Chinese tea ceremony that is one of a kind in Orange County. Participants enjoy a hands-on learning experience that teaches them how to make the perfect cup of tea.

There are two tasting menus with eight courses and two tea pairings; a wine pairing is available with the seasonal menu. Both menus can be customized to dietary restrictions or taste preferences. Each course is extremely creative, delivered in an immaculate presentation and preceded by a narrative that guides you through the menu.

The first option is the classic menu, which started with a soup that is steeped for six hours and served out of a teapot. The soup is incredibly flavorful and sets the tone for our meal. The next course is a fruit salad of sorts set on top of a potato chip, plated next to an assortment of gorgeous flowers. The third course, the Eight Commandments, is a breaded steak mushroom wrapped in lettuce and pierced with a Peppa Pig toothpick. (We won’t ruin the story by explaining why!) The fifth course comprises a mini charcoal grill with rosemary sprigs sitting beneath deliciously sauced oyster mushrooms. One of the biggest standouts of the classic menu is the last course, which is handmade dumplings with truffle, matsutake, shiitake mushrooms and tom yum jus for dipping.

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The second option is the spring and summer seasonal menu. The first course is a bright soup made with pumpkin, celery and carrot, poured on top of rice paper and golden ear. The second course has a spicy Muhammara dip underneath a hearty quinoa salad packed with antioxidants like berries, beets and dates. The third course is one of our favorites, fried eggplant with an aji verde and vegan cheese sauce that we could eat again and again. The fourth course is a sushi duo, contained inside crispy nori layered with sesame and peanuts; both nigiri are crowned with vegan caviar and edible gold leaf. The seventh course is one of the most intricate. On one side of the half moon-shaped plate sits a small package made of hawthorn that containers cashew-based foie gras. In the middle, a small “garden” is created with baba ganoush and peas. On the other side, there is a green pepper stuffed with quinoa and white mushrooms topped with cordyceps flowers sitting on ornate beet crisp. Every course was somehow more beautiful than the last.

To round out your meal, Taste of Beauty offers a variety of desserts. The plant-based tiramisu is made with coconut milk, vegan ladyfingers and vegan mascarpone that captures the flavors of a traditional tiramisu with a gel-like filling. The Gin & Tonic Sorbet tastes like summer. Made with lemon and lime juice, lemon zest, tonic, cucumber and gin, this sorbet is fresh and inspiriting. We’ve never had anything like it–which seems to be exactly what Taste of Beauty has in mind.

Taste of Beauty is open Wednesday to Friday, 5 to 9 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday, noon to 2 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m.

For more information, visit thetasteofbeauty.com.

18420 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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