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The Pajama Baker Shares Happiness Through Food

California’s own The Pajama Baker’s frozen cakes are a refined twist on an American favorite. While ice cream cakes are a staple during summer birthday parties, events and celebrations, these frozen cakes are the perfect treat any day of the week.

Juno Rosales needed a sweet release during the pandemic lockdown, so she turned to kitchen therapy as a way to cope. Dressed in pajamas, she created delicious and decadent frozen cakes in her home kitchen. After sharing “food happiness” to friends and family and receiving rave reviews, Rosales realized she might be onto something.

Fabulous California was invited to try the Dalgona Coffee and Speculoos flavors; there is also a Strawberry Nutella Ganache flavor that made its way onto the regular menu after it’s success in December.

The Dalgona Coffee flavor is a direct reflection of the popular Dalgona coffee that exploded on social media during the pandemic. If you didn’t try Dalgona coffee, chances are you know someone who did. On top of the Dalgona Coffee cake is a velvety smooth homemade cream with whipped coffee on top, all on a crunchy graham cracker crust base. It’s the ideal amount of coffee flavor—not too much and not too little, just right. If you like coffee, you’ll love this flavor.

For those unfamiliar with the word “speculoos,” you might be more familiar with its offspring, the extremely popular cookie butter spread. Speculoos (also known as Biscoff) are a Belgian cookie that is predominately eaten in the winter because it’s made with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The Speculoos frozen cake starts with a Speculoos cookie crust, cream on top and is finished with a Speculoos cookie crumble. The result is the ideal mix of sweet, crunchy and creamy.

Delivery is available to select cities in the Los Angeles area on Saturdays and Westwood seven days a week. The Pajama Baker’s frozen cakes make the perfect gift to send to loved ones or are ideal to keep in the freezer for when you need a little something sweet.

The Pajama Baker cakes start at $35. For more information about The Pajama Baker, visit

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