Cutest Dumplings & Bun Creations in California

Where to Find the Cutest Dumplings & Buns in California

These days, dim sum restaurants and bars are *thankfully* pretty abundant—and it’s easy to understand why. Not only are dumplings and buns incredibly delicious, but at least according to a handful of chefs scattered across the West Coast, they can also be totally adorable too.

Character buns are all the rage right now. Thanks to animal-themed dumplings and Pixar-inspired dishes, playing with your food can take on a whole new meaning. Here’s where you can find the cutest dumplings and buns in California.

The Dim Sum Co.


Unsurprisingly, The Dim Sum Co. is home to a lot of unforgettable dumplings and bun dishes—including everything from shrimp dumplings and steamed BBQ pork buns to fried crescent dumplings and taro puffs. But even among so many flavorful food offerings, the Pokebuns reign supreme—at least according to some of the restaurant’s most loyal customers. These steamed, creamy and salty custard buns are totally delicious and adorable—just look at their little golden faces. For more information, visit

Creek House Dim Sum Restaurant

Walnut Creek

The next time you find yourself wandering through California’s Walnut Creek, be sure to pop by the Creek House Dim Sum Restaurant for some extra decadent character buns—including the Piggy Egg Custard Buns, which come in servings of three. While you might not have as much fun playing with your food, Creek House’s menu also features steamed chicken buns and steamed custard lava buns. For more information, visit

Cutest Dumplings & Bun Creations in California
Photo courtesy Harumama.


San Diego

Character dumplings and buns certainly aren’t a new concept—but if there’s a spot that truly started the trend in California, it’s Harumama. The restaurant boasts three different locations throughout the Golden State, with its San Diego spot being the go-to for the concept’s famous character buns. These devilishly adorable dishes are available in a number of character themes—including pandas, cows, pigs, bunnies and even koalas—and can either be ordered as sweet or savory (because you can have the best of both worlds). For more information, visit

Steamy Piggy

San Diego

Steamy Piggy is one of San Diego’s finest Chinese restaurants—plus, it just so happens to serve some of the cutest custard buns too. While the menu is chock-full of can’t-miss dishes like the spicy ramen and bulgogi fries, no visit to Steamy Piggy is complete without an order of the Kawaii buns dessert—which are steamed buns filled with custard that totally resemble your favorite piggy friends. Those looking for a more classic (and less animal-inspired) dish can also indulge in the spot’s sesame dessert balls. For more information, visit

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