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San Francisco-Based Cheetah Launches #FoodGiving Movement

With a global pandemic and the number of unemployment rates rising among the Bay Area, families and seniors are struggling to put food on their plates and make ends meet. In response, the San Francisco-based company Cheetah has expanded its business in order to create programs and movements to help their community during these distressing times. 

The small business, founded by Na’ama Moran, was established in 2015 as the first restaurant supply app to provide an affordable and simplistic way for local restaurants to receive fresh ingredients daily. Since its start, the company has quickly grown to help 3,000 independent restaurants, cafes and food trucks. 

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Cheetah further expanded its services to provide meals to families struggling to get their own. The company has launched the #FoodGiving movement, placing several fridges stocked to the brim with fresh, free food across five locations around the Bay Area. Local street artists have complemented the fridges with decorative food art and designs to make them more visually attractive and welcoming to consumers. 

Cheetah also launched a new Restaurant Picks program, which allows local Bay Area restaurants and cafes to sell their ready-made and pre-packaged meals to customers through Cheetah’s platform without charging commission fees.

Members of the community can help support Cheetah by donating any excess food and spreading the #FoodGiving movement online. To learn more about Cheetah and ways to help, click here.

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