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5 California-Based Beauty Finds

Is your beauty routine in need of a little retooling? From our favorite night serum to an aromatherapy mist that’ll make your morning shower seem like a trip to the spa, here are five skincare and makeup favorites from California’s top beauty brands.

Boscia Papaya and Pomegranate Enzyme Exfoliating Body Cleanser and Peptide Youth-Restore Firming Body Serum ($35 each) Use these babies in tandem for the ultimate shower experience. The cleanser promotes smoother, clearer skin and replenishes moisture. Plus, the blend of rosemary and citrus oils offers a refreshing, wake-you-up scent. Follow up with the serum (can be used on dry or damp skin) to restore skin balance and hydrate. It is lighter than a lotion but just as luxe.

Hugh & Grace Renewing Night Serum ($90) Though less than a year old, Los Angeles-based skincare line Hugh & Grace is already a trailblazer. The high-performing skincare line is free from hormone-disrupting chemicals, which can be linked to infertility and other serious diseases. The Renewing Night Serum immediately delivers glowing-from-within hydration, working in tandem with the body’s natural regeneration at night. Bonus: The glass dropper bottle looks sleek on your vanity.

ROEN 75° Warm Eye Shadow Palette ($46) Easy to apply with your finger or a brush, this quartet of eye shadows features golden, glowy shades. A simple swipe is easy, breezy for everyday while the shadows are buildable for when the evening calls for a more glamorous lid. Best of all, ROEN high-performative cosmetics are clean and vegan.

Manna Kadar Sea Minerals Serenity Lavender Rosemary Shower Mist ($15) If you can’t fit a spa day in your busy schedule, this Sea Minerals Shower Mist is the next best thing. Simply spray the mist in your shower for not only a glorious scent, but to clear sinus passages, improve air flow, refresh for the day ahead and relax to kick off the evening.

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