Mary Lai’s “Unlock Your Dreams” Debuts at W Los Angeles

Artist-in-residence Mary Lai recently launched her installation “Unlock Your Dreams” at W Los Angeles in West Beverly Hills. Highly imaginative and unabashedly bright, her work will welcome guests into the chic west-side hotel.

There’s no denying that a hotel’s inviting atmosphere is due to its extraordinary interior design and décor. The modern, city-slicker staple–W Los Angeles–sits on the border of Westwood and Beverly Hills and provides luxury accommodations to jet-setting professionals, tourists and LA wayfarers with a taste for the finer things in life. 

W Los Angeles…meet Mary Lai, artist-in-residence, whose interactive art installation has recently taken up occupancy in the main lobby in celebration of AAPI month. Unveiled to the public officially on May 11, “Unlock Your Dreams” is colorfully complex with an element of childlike wonder and sleek sophistication. 

Lai’s two decades’ worth of artistic training will line the walls of the property with 20 large-scale pieces ranging from digital escapades to fully-immersive enclaves. For the artist, she hopes the bustling crowd of the W Los Angeles will take a moment to indulge in both nostalgia and fantasy during their stay. 

Art connoisseurs and those seeking the “new and unique” will find this display to be both daring and endearing–with moments of pop culture curiously occupying the background of each piece. This exhibit might even encourage you to look closely at the newness of life and find careful connections between everything you see.

To see Mary Lai’s installment of “Unlock Your Dreams” or to visit W Los Angeles–West Beverly Hills, visit marriott.com.

930 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA p0024

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