Best Mural Walls for Instagram in Los Angeles

The beauty of Los Angeles is incomparable—and even in a city complete with towering palm trees, expansive ocean views and endless pink-hued sunsets, LA’s local artists still manage to create art installations and murals that capture the full attention of photographers, tourists and Instagram influencers alike. Add some West Coast flair to your social media, and check out the best mural walls for Instagram in Los Angeles.

The Melrose Pink Wall

Located in West Hollywood, the Instagram-famous “pink wall” off Melrose has evolved into a photo hotspot for locals, tourists and influencers alike. Drenched into bubblegum-colored pink tones and perched in a prime location for a sunny, California snap, this wall will totally elevate your Instagram feed.

The Global Angel Wings Project Wall

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been to Los Angeles, you’ve definitely seen this mural on your Instagram before. The rainbow angel wings—a creation from artist Colette Miller—are actually painted all across the world, including major cities like Melbourne. Their ethereal charm alone makes them worthy of a visit to Los Angeles.

polka dot mural the most famous artist Los Angeles
Photo courtesy: The Famous Artist

The Polka Dot Wall

Located at The Springs in the Downtown LA Arts District, this wall installation is a popular destination for art aficionados and locals alike. Artist Matty Mo painted the wall and delivered one of LA’s most charming murals, which has understandably evolved into Instagram’s prettiest backdrop.

The Made in LA Wall

You don’t have to be “made in LA” to love this Instagram mural. Dedicated to the few and far between Los Angeles natives, this Melrose-based wall art is minimalistic and boasts a nostalgic West Coast flair.

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