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Best Rooftop Bars in San Francisco

Whether you’re navigating through the jungle of concrete buildings on the ground or taking in the sights of the city from above, one thing is for certain—you just can’t beat the vibe and thrill of San Francisco. Here are some of the city’s best rooftop bars to cozy up at for a fun night on the town.


While California certainly has more of a casual, laidback culture to it, if there’s one place in the state that serves up ultra-luxurious food offerings and views, it’s San Francisco—and Charmaine’s captures that exquisitely fancy vibe vibe pretty well. Plus, the rooftop views are arguably some of the best in the entire town. For more information, visit

Rooftop 25

Come hungry for the frozen margaritas and wood-fired hot dishes, and stay for the relaxed atmosphere—complimented by views of the neighboring communities and buildings, of course. A visit to Rooftop 25 might not be as luxe as other local flavors, but it is sure to provide unforgettable memories and the chance to connect with locals and tourists alike. For more information, visit

dirty habit rooftop san francisco
Photo courtesy Dirty Habit.

Dirty Habit

As the locals will tell you, the name suits this spot pretty well. Between the environment and the expansive menu, frequenting Dirty Habit on the regular will become, well, a dirty habit. Located on the fifth floor of Hotel Zelos, this restaurant and bar comes complete with a decadent drink menu, cozy couches and airy views of the surrounding city. For more information, visit


620 Jones is regarded as San Francisco’s largest rooftop bar and lounge. And while the tourist hotspot boasts more of a casual, patio vibe, it’s still home to a large selection of flavorful drinks and spirits, plus a street-side (albeit, an elevated one) view of the city’s famed Jones street. For more information, visit

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