Plunge San Diego Opens Floating Obstacle Course

Just in time for sunny spring days, Belmont Park’s Plunge San Diego–a hallmark of the area since 1925–has opened its new floating obstacle course. This course provides more space to play, offering inclusivity for more ages and increased safety.

The new, highly anticipated floating obstacle course was designed exclusively for Plunge San Diego in collaboration with Union Aquaparks. It will feature a variety of challenging obstacles, inflatable tunnels and hurdles for a fun-filled aquatic experience for guests of all ages.

“We’re excited to see this exclusive inflatable obstacle course come to life,” says Steve Thomas, general manager at Belmont Park, in a press release. “We believe that this course will be a game changer for Plunge San Diego as we are always looking for innovative ways to create a more inclusive experience for all of our guests. We can’t wait to see visitors take on the challenge and have a blast with their friends and family.”

plunge san diego obstacle course

Though the pool opened in 1925, it received a $12 million facelift in 2019; at that time, the original obstacle course was added. Today, the beloved water attraction is one of the largest pools in Southern California, coming in at 10,500 square feet with 355,000 gallons of water. Its floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of Mission Bay while its retractable roof allows the sunshine in on beautiful San Diego days.

Plunge San Diego is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Swim passes are available to the general public (day rates are $15 to $20 per person) and can also be purchased on-site. Private parties and swim lessons are bookable, as well.

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