California’s Hottest Quarantine Trend: Luxury Picnics Through the Picnic Collective

If this year has taught us anything, it’s how to take pleasure in life’s simple joys—a walk around the neighborhood, a slow morning spent journaling, or even a picnic at a local park can elevate an otherwise uneventful day, and force us to change our pace of life—even if only for a bit. 

One California-based company decided to expand on this concept—and prove that while the simplest things can inspire the greatest joy, that doesn’t mean they can’t be equally extravagant too.

The Picnic Collective, a small-scale, independent business, specializes in creating individual, luxury outdoor dining experiences that are designed all the way down to the smallest detail. From the picnic menu and the setup, to the fresh flowers and perfectly structured table spread, the experiential offerings courtesy of the company are nothing short of fabulous. And the Instagram-worthy setup has helped to garner even more attention for the brand over the last few months—when unforgettable outdoor experiences were especially slim.

The company offers various packages, so that regardless of what sort of event you’re looking to celebrate—a birthday party, date night out, or even a bridal shower—each experience is organized in a manner that’s reflective of what every consumer wants.

The team behind The Picnic Collective will handle all of the logistics, and set up a picturesque picnic in destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. They also currently offer picnic options in Las Vegas, as well. When choosing a destination, customers will have the opportunity to fill out a detailed form where they can address specific requests for the event.

When booking the picnic, you’ll be asked to pick the picnic date and time, the guest count, event styling customization, and the exact destination—the company currently has locations like Zuma Beach, Point Dume and Santa Monica Beach.

Additionally, guests can opt to stay at home and enjoy a more intimate experience via the comforts of their own backyard. For this option, the picnic essentials and goodies will be shipped directly to your home. 

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