Pet-Friendly Dining Destinations

Family dinner is important, and not a single member should be discouraged from joining (even if they have four legs and a tail). But finding a spot out on the town to enjoy a meal with your pup can be daunting, especially if your dog is sizable. Luckily, California has a multitude of spots that will not only welcome your doggos but will even serve them healthy dishes and yummy bones, too. The following are 10 of our favorite spots to dine with your pups. 


Palm Springs

With a menu specially curated for your pups, Boozehounds in Palm Springs is the go-to for dining out with your furry friends. The spot, both Instagrammable and chic, offers pet dining both outdoors on its patio or in a cozy atrium. If your pups aren’t looking for a meal, they can also enjoy organic treats and water or house-made goodies to-go. For the hoomans, a fine selection of handcrafted cocktails, beers and Southern Cali-style bites are available to enjoy.

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1909 Fluid & Fare


1909 Fluid & Fare in Temecula has Golden Retriever energy. The spot, located in Temecula, has an energetic atmosphere with live music, great sips and even better bites for both you and your four-legged friends. 1909 offers an elevated menu for all of its guests, including bites like the boneless ribeye steak with rice or pupcakes (mini cupcakes) for your doggos. A patio is available for them to lounge on while you finish your meal, in addition to water bowls and other furry friends looking to play. 

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Lazy Dog

San Mateo 

Inspired by their love for pups, Lazy Dog in San Mateo offers a fine selection of bites for both you and your furry friend. The spot boasts a menu for dogs, featuring organic ingredients including the grilled chicken veggie bowl or the beef bowl. Each bowl is served with a complimentary water dish to be enjoyed while sunbathing on the patio. 

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Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ

San Diego

If you haven’t had the chance to dine at Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ in San Diego with your doggos yet, this is your sign to finally check it out. The spot offers a delicious selection of American-style BBQ for its human visitors and free, oversized meaty bones to keep your pups busy chewing away while you enjoy your evening. Though your dogs are only able to dine on the patio, the spot will bring out water bowls to keep them hydrated on San Diego’s sunnier days and warmed by heaters during the winter months. 

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Casa De Freds Tacos y Tequila

San Diego

Freds has been serving high-quality dishes to pooches since 2001 and continues to offer an amazing selection of bites for both you and your furry friends. Some musts for your pups to try to include Cujo’s Carne with sliced carne asada, Snoopy Scramble with fresh scrambled eggs, Buddy’s Bowl with seared chicken and fries, and many more items for your dogs to enjoy. Humans can dine on Casa De Freds’ famous fajitas, a variety of tacos, margaritas and other traditional Mexican fare on the patio.

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University of Beer


Though the restaurant has a multitude of locations across California, University of Beer in Vacaville is the home spot to the brewery and the home away from home to many locals and their pooches. The brewery offers free meals for dogs on the weekends, complimentary water bowls, leash/dog stations for those who don’t want their pet at the table, and even $1 beers for those who bring their furry friend along. 

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The Forge


The Forge in Carmel offers your dogs their own private dining experience at “The Pound Patio,” a spot designated for your pups to get a bite to eat from a curated menu, sunbathe in the summer or cozy up by the fireplace during the winter. The elevated canine menu features more than just healthy bowls, but also luxe eats like The Good Boy, featuring eight ounces of grilled and sliced New York steak, or The Hot Diggity Dog with a whole kosher beef sausage. 

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Robin’s Restaurant


If you find yourself in Cambria with your furry friends, Robin’s Restaurant will welcome you with open arms. The rustic spot has a pet-friendly patio in a beautiful garden atmosphere, where its staff will bring fresh water to your pup in addition to lots of pets and small treats. The cozy spot offers live music in its garden, with a globally-inspired menu that only uses locally sourced and seasonal ingredients for its human guests. Robin’s Restaurant is also conveniently located next to a beach for your pups to run around and swim after dinner. 

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Cafe Nouveau 


With a secret garden-style patio, Cafe Nouveau is the perfect destination for you and your doggos to catch a bite to eat. The seating is heated and cozy in the winter and nice and airy for the ultimate summer meal. A fresh bowl of water will be brought out to your furry friends to keep hydrated while they soak up all of the rays. We highly recommend ordering the grilled chicken for your dogs who want a bite to eat, too. 

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Amplified Ale Works

San Diego 

The local hangout, Amplified Ale Works in San Diego features ice-cold brews, Mediterranean- and American-style bites, and is an excellent go-to for a more casual, laidback dining experience. The spot has an upstairs patio featuring water bowls for your pups and faux grass for them to play around or sunbathe on. There is plenty of shade for the warmer days and plenty of brews for hoomans to enjoy.

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