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Redwood Sky Walk Opens in Eureka

Tucked inside Sequoia Park Zoo in Northern California, the Redwood Sky Walk has officially opened and is inviting guests to venture onto its sky-high treetop walk. In celebration of the attraction opening, Eureka hotels are offering guests free redwood seedlings to those who visit.  

Visitors can expect to cross a quarter-mile-long arboreal trail overlooking Sequoia Park and over 70 acres of its natural beauty. Along the trail, you can spot the forest floor 100 feet below you and come across meadows, hidden waterfalls, and, if you’re lucky, a few of the redwood residents. 

“One of the greatest rewards of hosting people from all over the world is sharing the wonders of the redwoods,” says Gary Stone, director of the Eureka Lodging Alliance, the primary donor for the Redwood Sky Walk project, in a press release. “We’re pleased to have worked with the Sequoia Park Zoo so that people can experience these remarkable trees from new heights.”

The walkway is self-guided with a mission to educate, inspire and give visitors a new perspective of the woods. The suspended bridge and platforms are ADA compliant, and also features a bonus open-mesh trail for the more thrill-driven adventurers seeking a swaying, suspended detour.

“The more we learn about the benefits of trees and forests, the more amazing and essential they reveal themselves to be for all life on this planet,” says Jonathan Claasen, owner of Jonsteen, an international forest nursery products distributor based in Humboldt County, in a press release. “This attraction is a fantastic new way to learn about and experience the high-flying majesty of the redwoods.”

After completing the course, visitors who email photos of their experience to [email protected] will receive a promo code to have redwood seedlings shipped to them at no cost. 

Entrance to the Redwood Sky Walk is included with admission to the Sequoia Park Zoo. Redwood Sky Walk is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more, visit

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