Seltzerland Stops in Los Angeles and San Diego

Once the holidays are said and done, why not immerse yourself in a hard seltzer paradise? Early next year, Seltzerland is setting up shop in both Los Angeles and San Diego for event-goers to enjoy the day tasting 100-plus unique hard seltzers.

This unique, one-of-a-kind immersive experience is set to take place in San Diego on Jan. 29 at St. Mark Golf Club and in Los Angeles on Feb. 5 at Bixby Village Golf Course. Event-goers can sip and savor more than a 100 hard seltzers, enjoy food, music and games, gather plenty of swag and take advantage of photo ops galore.

Tickets are on sale now and are sold in 10-minute increments starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. Tickets start at $29.

Throughout 2022, Seltzerland has events planned in Scottsdale, Austin, Dallas, Tampa, Nashville and many more. To learn more, visit

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