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Plaza City Spa in Old Town Orange

Located in Orange County in historic Old Town Orange, Plaza City Spa provides a serene ambiance, thoughtfully curated treatments and exceptional results for those seeking holistic, eco-friendly beauty solutions.

Plaza City Spa stands out for its unwavering commitment to clean and sustainable skincare, ensuring every product used is as kind to your skin as it is to the environment. Owned by Mary Dellene, a master esthetician and an AADP-certified health coach, Plaza City Spa offers a variety of facials with a holistic approach, seeking to find the root of your skin troubles, rather than simply providing a quick fix. Dellene has more than 20 years of experience in Orange County, specifically using products that are organic, ECOCERT-certified and non-toxic to help support healthy skin and the planet.

Upon arrival, you are welcomed into a treatment room that provides a feeling of serenity. You are comfortably tucked into warm blankets before your service begins. When receiving a facial, Dellene takes an in-depth look at your skin to identify any problems that you may or may not be aware of. Dellene’s immense knowledge of skincare is immediately evident. Whether your skin is feeling dull and dry or you’re experiencing a loss of elasticity and fine lines, Dellene specifically designs each facial to fit your needs.

When opting for the Glo Facial, Dellene uses three technologies and advanced, award-winning skincare products to reinvigorate and illuminate the complexion. Using an oxygenating mist, active ingredients are propelled into the skin while a galvanic current ensures optimal absorption. Dry, irritated skin quickly begins to feel more hydrated during the process, with Dellene keeping a careful eye on how the skin reacts to each product as it is introduced.

plaza city spa orange county

Using peptides, stem cells and epidermal growth factors, Dellene boosts cellular activity to provide an instant glow and dewy complexion. The Glo Facial also includes a Glow & Lift Complex ampoule, which smoothes and cushions the skin with hyaluronic acids. The difference in the skin from start to finish is palpable, with results continuing to develop after treatment.

For those with inflamed or dry skin, Dellene may opt for a jelly mask, which is very different from most masks you have likely experienced. Dellene coats a gel over your entire face, including your eyes. While some may be a little hesitant, Dellene explains what she is doing every step of the way to make her clients feel comfortable. The jelly mask has multiple benefits for the skin, including smoothing, exfoliation, moisture retention and inflammation reduction. Plus, after the mask becomes firm, the feeling as she lifts the mask off of your face is deeply satisfying.

Dellene works alongside Lucelly Mesa, a skilled massage therapist and nurse, and Natja Richardson, a 20-year licensed physical therapist, to offer body wraps, physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, LED light therapy, cupping, gua sha, lash and brow services, lymphatic drainage and a range of massages. 

Plaza City Spa is open by appointment daily. For more information, visit

377 S. Glassell St., Ste. 150
Orange, CA 92866

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