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The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento

Along the bustling downtown streets of Sacramento, you’ll see The Citizen Hotel–and its iconic arch. The 14-floor luxury stay within California’s first skyscraper was built in 1925, paying a tribute to the state’s and nation’s political past.

A part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, The Citizen Hotel stands out uniquely as it maintains the era’s same 1920’s architecture. The walls are filled with curated political art and colored with deep hues painted as dark and ominous of the political secrets held within the walls of the capital.

Through the grand entrance, guests follow the marble floors leading you to the lobby. This two-story room lined with collections of books, leather lounging chairs, classic chess sets and a bar sets the tone of an old-fashioned speakeasy or hidden library where after-hour tie-loosening business takes place.

The elevators are decorated with quotes from socialites, poets and political big-wigs, all commenting on the current affairs of their times. During one elevator ride, you will read an infamous Winston Churchill quote, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all of the others.”

The rooms will take you back in time yet are filled with current everyday luxuries of our century. Take a look out of the windows for a panoramic downtown view of the California State Capital; enjoy 300-count Italian linens and down pillows after a night roaring on the town; pamper yourself with Gilchrist & Soames toiletries; and enjoy every small attention to detail within the room. Thoughtfully curated collections of political art continue within each of the rooms from drawings on the walls, to coffee table books, to caricature-illustrated coasters. Each room is set apart from another within the hotel making it a new experience every visit.

The entire hotel still shines with the glitz and glamor of its past, and brings that same bright excitement of luxury that is often looked over in such a busy social landscape. It’s a true homage to the state and country’s formative years, and humors any history, literature or political buff.

The Citizen Hotel is in a perfect location to explore most of Downtown Sacramento and its largest attractions. It is within a few walking blocks of the State Capital, the new Golden 1 Center (home of the Sacramento Kings), the preserved Western streets of Old Sacramento, the California State Railroad Museum, and dozens of niche coffee and cocktail joints.


Still, one of the best local gems is found at the hotel itself. The Citizen Hotel is home to one of Sacramento’s finest restaurants, Grange. The Michelin-recognized and farm-to-table restaurant with a rotating seasonal menu will impress any guest with not just its spectacular and rich menu, but its gorgeous decor and ambiance, most definitely adding its own modern touch to the hotel’s reputation.

The Citizen Hotel is a slice of history that’s still standing tall – just as grand as it once was with new generations of travelers and guests.

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