The Lafayette Hotel and Swim Club’s Renovation Commences

One of San Diego‘s most historic sites, The Lafayette Hotel and Swim Club, is receiving a complete makeover with a reimagined top-to-bottom design. The renovation will keep elements of the hotel’s history intact while allowing for a more modern and elevated stay.  

Slated to be completed by May 2023, the renovation of The Lafayette Hotel and Swim Club initially began three years ago after being purchased by hospitality group CH Projects, known for its lineup of iconic restaurants and bars. The hotel is the group’s first redesign and will begin the final phase of construction on Oct. 1. 

“We’ve never done a hotel before and have entered the process with humble trepidation, but we also haven’t found a hotel in San Diego that speaks to our nerve endings. This is an aspirational project. As the world becomes more corporatized, we yearn for more individual places. We like environments that are independently operated and designed, so you can feel the heart and soul of the people behind the project,” says CH Projects founder Arsalun Tafazoli, in a press release.

Bar Rendering

The Lafayette’s roots run deep in San Diego, with the site being initially used for the Hollywood elite in the 1940’s and 50’s. CH Projects aims to honor and bring the tradition back by creating an all-encompassing space for not only a vacation but also to serve as an intimate space for guests and locals alike to connect with the city. 

“We want to bring the property back to what it was built for, as a destination social and entertainment hub for the citizens of San Diego and those who visit. Hotels seem like a natural progression for us, as I feel food and beverage is always the quintessence of a great hotel,” says Tafazoli in a press release. 

Beginner’s Diner Rendering

The reimagined hotel will feature seven culinary destinations, each offering a curated food and beverage program with classic cocktails and indulgent fare. Some offerings include the Beginner’s Diner, a 24-hour diner with traditional American fare inspired by the 1940’s; The Gutter, a vintage bowling alley with an eccentric cocktail program; Chef’s Table, featuring elevated cuisine from a rotating list of guest chefs; and the Mama Intento, a Mexican-inspired restaurant and agave bar with mezcal-forward sips. 

In addition to the new dining spots is an extension of Lafayette’s well-appointed wellness program, with new amenities for exercise and post-workout care with cold plunges and saunas. 

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