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5 Cutest Mountain Towns in California

When you think of California, you probably imagine a beachy, West Coast escape comprised of surfing towns and relaxed hotspots. And while the state is, in fact, abundant in both of those things, California is also home to a wide variety of cozy, mountain towns settled within some of the state’s most complex mountain ranges.

If you’re looking for a fun day trip to embark on this summer, here are the five cutest mountain towns in California to visit all throughout the state.

Photo courtesy Nevada City Government.

Nevada City

Settled 60 miles northeast of Sacramento is Nevada City—a charming mountain town in California that’s been hailed by locals and tourists alike as being one of the most beautiful river towns in all of the U.S. With its Victorian era-architecture, historic cultural centers and inimitably cozy vibe, the city is a must-visit for a mountainous escape. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Ojai Visitors.


Ojai might not give off a classically mountain town vibe, but the city nestled within the mountains of California and just north of Los Angeles does boast stunning views of the surrounding, mountainous landscapes. The city is completely modern, and feels like a more alternative version of Palm Springs—another California hotspot. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy The Bridgeport Inn.


If you’ve ever been to (or fallen in love with) Washington state, then you’ll recognize some of that Pacific Northwest charm in Bridgeport—a historic city known for lush, natural landscapes, views of the Sawtooth range, and a number of activities that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, making it a must-visit mountain town in California. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is by no means a hidden gem, but the cozy mountain town in California is a tourist hotspot known for its hiking, skiing and recreational lake activities. Beyond the outdoor adventures that you can find in Mammoth Lakes, the destination also boasts plenty of modern restaurants and shops for a comfortable stay. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Visit Julian.


Contrary to popular belief, cozy mountain escapes aren’t just reserved for Northern California adventure. Take Julian, for example—the SoCal town found just an hour east of San Diego that’s home to historic buildings, charming local businesses, ample hiking trails, and even world-famous apple pie that’s as quintessential as the city itself. For more information, visit

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