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16 California Wines for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is having a “Sweet Sixteen” this year. Well, not exactly, but the holiday does fall on June 16. As such, here are 16 sensational California wines to help celebrate Dad on his special day.

Bouchaine 2021 Calera Clone Pinot Noir

A world-class dad deserves a world-class wine. This stunning expression of the Carneros District perseveres through fog, wind, and chilly overnight weather to emerge as a victorious explosion of floral and fruit notes – notably plum and cherry – tempered by just the right amount of spice. Enjoy this one at home or visit the vineyard with Dad to not only enjoy the wine, but its epic falconry experience this summer as well. $90

Hamel 2020 Isthmus

Have a dad who loves to geek out on processes and procedures? Hamel has one of the coolest in that its vineyard team applies micro-terroir-based winegrowing practices in its approach to growing, harvesting, and making the wine in order to maximize the land’s dynamic volcanic soils. This wine is the perfect expression of all of the soils in one glass in a classic-style Cabernet that will go down ultra-easy. $90

Ram’s Gate 2020 Pinot Noir, El Diablo Vineyard

A great one for a father of two ever-dueling siblings, Ram’s Gate sits at the edges of both Sonoma and Napa counties, offering the best of both worlds in every glass. This particular vintage boasts black fruit and spice and has a fantastically long finish. Bonus: The ram on the label has a modern-yet-masculine vibe that he will likely love.

2021 DAOU Estate Soul of a Lion

The name alone makes this one of the coolest wine gifts on the market. The story behind it, however, makes it even cooler. The full-bodied, bold wine is dedicated to the father of DAOU founders Georges and Daniel Daou. It is intense and strong but with a softer side and notes of fruit as it becomes better acquainted with the tastebuds. $150

Wilson Creek Winery 2022 “Yes Dear” Chardonnay, Temecula Valley

This is the perfect option for wives to gift their hubbies for the holiday both to see his face when he reads the label, and so both Mom and Dad can experience what many call a red wine lover’s red as it is both juicy with notes of vanilla and baking spice as well. $31

2018 Smith-Madrone  Winery, Cook’s Flat Reserve

Elegant and rare, a gift of this silky, sensational limited-edition wine will surely honor a similarly elegant dad, especially as it comes tissue-wrapped with a copy of the U.S. Land Office patent signed by President Chester Arthur, granting ownership of the land where the vineyard now sits to first owner George Cook in 1885. $225

Clif Family Winery Gary’s Improv Zinfandel 2021

Named after co-founder Gary Erickson’s love and talent for jazz improv, Gary’s Improv Zinfandel is a fantastic California wine to toast to all of life’s passions. Soft and graceful with aromas of boysenberry, warm blackberry, subtle spice, and hints of earthy sage, this Zinfandel finishes with a burst of acidity that dances through the finish and is the perfect choice for dads who appreciate the art of improvisation–turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. $50

Orin Swift Cellars 2022 Abstract

If as much a history buff as a wine lover, gift Dad this bottle, which has a collage of influential individuals from the past 100 years including Elvis, Queen Victoria, Hemingway, Bob Dylan and David Bowie. The flavor pops even more than the label, offering everything from ripe black plum and black pepper to forest floor and blueberry preserves. $45

Halter Ranch 2020 Ancestor

Given this flagship red wine is named to honor the ancestor tree on the Halter Ranch estate, it is the perfect gift for the top of the family tree in one’s own family this holiday. It is a dizzyingly delicious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Malbec with a smattering of berry and mocha aromatics and then a balance of tart and sweet berries to the taste. $85

Louis M. Martini 2019 Lot 1 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

A classic, just like Pops. This showstopper and extravagant take on a Napa Cabernet is perfect for any oenophile with beautiful black cherry to spare. It was first developed more than 50 years ago when Martini himself would hand-select the best-of-the-best lots to make something truly original and special. $250

Etude 2020 Carneros Heirloom Pinot Noir 

A great father helps a child express themselves freely and without fear. This California wine is made from vines that produce tiny bunches and berries; vines that others may not spend the time to care for and harvest. The time put into these small-but-mighty berries shows as the wine is a celebration of sweet baking spice, cinnamon, and clove as well as kisses of tart cherry. $95

Beringer Vineyards 2020 Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This incredibly rich, deep and elegant wine has a nice structure perfect for any Father’s Day celebration. This Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits a combination of fresh berry notes that results in a juicy, mouthwatering character and a long, persistent, textured finish that any dad will enjoy. $175

Trefethen S.I.N. Rosé 2023

Another “must” label, especially for adult children who committed a myriad of youthful “sins” that can now be laughed about with Dad. Enjoy a chuckle together over this low-sugar rosé with balanced acid that is especially perfect for the hotter days of summer ahead. Pair it with a few epic stories from one’s teen years, within reason! PS: The “SIN” in the title actually stands for “Summer in Napa.” $30

2018 Dutcher Crossing Taylor Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The core value of this vineyard is family, be it one’s biological family or chosen one. This particular wine is perfect for the family of every shape, size, and makeup, certainly for its sentiment but also for the mind-blowing nose of cassis and toasted oak followed by a palate of cocoa, herbs, and sweet red fruits atop crème brule. $56

J Vineyards & Winery 2020 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Thoughtfully crafted from up to 100 individual small lots, this is a summery red well worth uncorking with the family. Both the aroma and flavor profile reveal a symphony of flavors. First, rose petal and violet fragrance the air, and then a delightful mix of plum, strawberry, cherry, gingerbread, and a touch of leather join the party on the palate. $47

Lyric 2022 Monterey County Pinot Noir

If J offers a symphony, then Lyric – as the name, which musically inclined dads will love, suggests – offers a harmony. This bright wine displays notes of fresh strawberry and raspberry along with perfectly balanced acidity, fruit, and oak. $19.99

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