Author: Alison Bailin Batz

Handwritten Butter Tasting

Handwritten Wines

In the immortal words of Ms. Linda Richman–the iconic “Saturday Night Live” character–Handwritten Wines in Napa Valley is like buttah. (And they serve buttah, too. Be sure to read on for that…)

Clif Family Winery napa valley

Clif Family Winery

Nearly 20 years after it was founded, Clif Family Winery in Napa Valley has 90 acres of estate vineyards and five acres of vegetable gardens, olive trees and fruit orchards. Its commitment to sustainability is quickly becoming that of legend, as is its approach to hospitality.

dog-friendly winery in california stock

12 Dog-Friendly Wineries

While California is the Golden State, it may as well be called the Golden Retriever State given how dog-friendly hotels, eateries and even retail shops are statewide. The pup-friendly policies are especially good at wineries, with more than 1,000 of them welcoming dogs (usually on leashes) with open arms.