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Juneteenth California 2022

How to Celebrate Juneteenth 2022 in California

Now a national holiday, Juneteenth has long celebrated the emancipation of Black women, men and children across the United States since as early as 1865. There are so many great ways to honor the beauty in freedom—and communities all across California are set to join in on the occasion with celebrations of their own.

katie boland

Q&A with Katie Boland of “We’re All in This Together”

Author, screenwriter and actress Katie Boland takes a seat in the director’s chair for the first time while simultaneously playing twins in the film, “We’re All in This Together.” After a recent showing at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Boland talked with Fabulous California what why she was attracted to the story and how her life prepared her for each role.


Best Mural Walls for Instagram in Los Angeles

The beauty of Los Angeles is incomparable—and even in a city complete with towering palm trees, expansive ocean views and endless pink-hued sunsets, LA’s local artists still manage to create art installations and murals that capture the full attention of photographers, tourists and Instagram influencers alike. Add some West Coast flair to your social media, and check out the best mural walls for Instagram in Los Angeles.


California’s Best Local Bookstores

California has no shortage of eccentricity in its culture, communities or businesses. And the best example of that is in its wide array of independent, locally owned bookstores that deal everything from historic pieces of literature to indie writings.