Fabulous People


Fabulous People: Sarah Salvatore

Sarah Salvatore is a California native, real estate investor and designer who recently revamped Midnight Moon Cabins, a trio of idyllic, modern cabin rentals in Big Bear. “We strive to create unique experiences that our treasured guests can cherish and share forever by offering beautiful spaces and always going above and beyond the expectations of hospitality.”

James Brechlin

Fabulous People: James Brechlin

San Diego’s James Brechlin is the senior vice president of commercial real estate company, ABI Multifamily. “I specialize in the sale of multi-family/land properties with a focus on consulting with private money investors and their real estate strategy.”

Madison Blanton

Fabulous People: Madison Blanton

Madison Blanton is the CEO of One Step Beyond, Inc., a nonprofit with campuses in California and Arizona that provides comprehensive programming and services for adults who have intellectual disabilities. On Nov. 20, One Step Beyond hosts its first-ever virtual gala event.

naomi Neilson

Fabulous People: Naomi Neilson

Shell Beach-based Naomi Neilson founded Native Trails in 1996, a company based on her passion for age-old artisan tradition, sustainability and fair trade practices. Currently, Native Trails leads the industry in artisan-crafted products for kitchen and bath design and has 1,300 showrooms throughout the United States and Canada.

Pujan Sarkar

Fabulous People: Pujan Sarkar

Pujan Sarkar is the head chef of ROOH Restaurant, where he introduces “the spirit of India to San Francisco through the restaurant experience.” Chef Sarkar brings forth a delicate balance of rich traditional flavors and techniques with fresh local ingredients at ROOH.

caroline noh

Fabulous People: Caroline Gelabert-Noh

After working in television and being among the first to check out Los Angeles’ newest restaurants, Caroline Gelabert-Noh decided to create a space to dish on these fresh finds. Thus, EatDrinkLA was born, and Gelabert-Noh now boasts nearly 5,000 followers who regularly check in on her latest eating escapade.

Chalonne CEO + Founder Carlye Morgan

Fabulous People: Carlye Morgan

Carlye Morgan is the CEO and founder of Chalonne, a Los Angeles-based maker of luxury straps for all Apple Watch series. Each Chalonne strap is made in France with the finest leathers, gemstones, solid gold and craftsmanship and, with every purchase, a donation is made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Imran Ali Mookhi

Fabulous People: Imran “Ali” Moohki

Imran “Ali” Moohki is the executive chef at Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen, a 100-percent Halal, farm-to-table restaurant serving a mix of Indian, Pakistani and Afghan cuisines in Downtown Fullerton. “When I opened Khan Saab, I wanted to blend cultural authenticity with modern creativity to create food for other Desi guests but also western diners who had never experienced upscale Desi food before.”