Sober Guide to Central California

Whether embracing Dry January or simply exploring a different side of Central California’s wine region, SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County) welcomes you with the following alcohol-free experiences.

Alternative Tastings:

Vivant Fine Cheese

Nestled in the heart of historic Downtown Paso Robles, Vivant Fine Cheese is a haven for cheese enthusiasts. Boasting over 150 varieties, it’s the perfect spot for an alternative to a wine-tasting experience. Savor decadent cheese plates and paninis from its seasonal menu while basking in the inviting atmosphere of the patio.

Pasolivo and Olivas de Oro

Explore the rich world of olive oil at Pasolivo and Olivas de Oro. Central California’s temperate climate and fertile soil make it an ideal region for olive cultivation, with these olive oil farms producing some of California’s best. Guests can sample a variety of award-winning, pure olive oils at either location, with luxe oils that have been grown, pickled, pressed and bottled for maximum taste, flavor and antioxidants. 

S’mores at Hotel Cheval

Since 2009, Hotel Cheval in Paso Robles has redefined the s’mores experience with a touch of luxury. Imagine a dedicated s’mores butler stationed in the courtyard from dusk until 9:45 p.m., ready to create personalized s’mores for guests. With an enticing cart filled with various chocolates, marshmallows and graham crackers, this complimentary and nostalgic treat becomes a nightly ritual, creating cozy winter memories for all guests. 

The Count at Alchemist Garden


Eleven Twenty Two

Step back in time at Eleven Twenty Two, an authentic speakeasy on Railroad Street. Enter through an inconspicuous door and be transported to a candlelit 1930’s-inspired haven. While the ambiance is straight from the Prohibition era, the mocktail menu offers a contemporary twist, with options like a refreshing Orange Julius.

The Alchemists’ Garden

Adjacent to Eleven Twenty Two, The Alchemists’ Garden lives up to its name by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Indulge in handcrafted mocktails like The Count, a non-alcoholic take on the classic Negroni, blending oranges, Lyre’s Aperitivo and Dhōs gin-free gin.

Granada Hotel

Enjoy a sophisticated nightcap without the alcohol at Granada Hotel’s cocktail lounge. Dive into the zero-proof menu featuring creations like High & Dry with Lyre’s Italian orange and soda or the Day Spice with jalapeno-infused Seedlip Garden 108, lime, agave and orange.

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Wineries Without Wine:

Oceano Wines

For those visiting wineries with friends and family, Oceano Wines in San Luis Obispo has just launched a non-alcoholic luxury wine, Oceano Zero: Alcohol Removed Wine. The new label mirrors Oceano’s commitment to unique, complex and savory coastal expressions starting with a Pinot Noir. Oceano Zero is sourced from the sustainably-certified Spanish Springs Vineyard and brings the winery’s essence without the alcohol.

Ancient Peak Winery

Unwind at Ancient Peak Winery’s tasting room, nestled in Santa Margarita. Revel in bites from the curated farm-to-table menu at the property’s cafe, embracing the local flavors of the community. Whether on the outdoor patio or in the tasting room, indulge in scrumptious sustenance while savoring the essence of Central California.

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