Fabulous People: Kyle Valery

Kyle Valery is the co-founder of Stretch Affect in San Diego, a modern clinic that blends physical therapy expertise with personal training. “Our mission is to empower growth-minded individuals on their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves.” Learn about Kyle Valery… 

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Hometown: San Diego, but I grew up in Sanger, Texas.

First Job: Working for a tractor supply company. 

Favorite Ways to Spend Your Free Time in CA: Spending quality time with my wife and two boys. Together, we relish the beauty of San Diego, exploring its outdoors and creating new memories. 

Your Biggest Accomplishment and Why: My family is my crowning achievement. In a world where professional success is often the measure of a person, having a loving, supportive wife and two healthy boys is my personal pinnacle of success.

The Biggest Obstacle You Overcame: Launching Stretch Affect in July 2020 amidst unprecedented global challenges tested my resilience. The journey was fraught with hurdles, from working closely with elite athletes like Manny Machado to navigating supply delays and multiple facility relocations. Yet, these trials taught me invaluable lessons about perseverance, adaptability and the unwavering commitment to my vision and family. 

Someone Who Inspires You and Why: Kyle Maynard profoundly inspires me with his indomitable spirit. His ability to transcend perceived limitations and profoundly impact the world is a powerful reminder: it’s not the hand we’re dealt but how we play it that defines our legacy. 

Advice to Someone Pursuing a Career Path in What You Do: Pursuing a career in movement health demands more than passion—it requires unwavering dedication, a thirst for knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit. Embrace diverse perspectives, commit to mastering your craft and always be prepared to go the extra mile. Remember, true greatness in this field is fueled by love for what you do. 

Favorite Quote: “Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” —H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Something Someone Would Be Surprised to Learn About You: A unique highlight in my life was experiencing the thrill of riding in an Olympic bobsled in Utah. This adventure heightened my appreciation for the sport and serendipitously connected me to Kaillie Humphries, a world-renowned bobsledder and, later, a client of mine. 

What Makes Someone Fabulous: True fabulousness is a blend of humility, generosity and discipline. It’s about how one navigates life’s journey, impacts those around them and remains committed to personal growth and integrity. 

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