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Sonoma County’s The Farmhouse Inn

Somehow, The Farmhouse Inn manages to be rustic and romantic, grand and intimate, luxe and laid-back all at the same time. Voted both the 2017 “Best Hotel in Northern California by Conde Nast Traveler and 2018 “Best Hotel in California” by Travel & Leisure – not to mention named to the Forbes Travel Guide Verified Luxury List, the Inn actually got its start thanks to hops (a k a the key ingredient in beer), neither grapes nor wine, as one might expect given it is in Sonoma County.

In 1911, Italian immigrant Domenico Giovanetti moved onto a portion of the parcel that would become Farmhouse Inn to work the land and its hops while also planning his path toward achieving his own American dream. Within a few years, he earned enough money to buy 84 acres, which is the total land area of The Farmhouse Inn today. And though the space went through several iterations over the past six generations, when Joe and Catherine Bartolomei – a sister and brother team who are direct descendants of Giovanetti – took over the space in 2001, they transformed it into the preeminent wine country paradise lauded worldwide today.

Think a quaint, intimate lobby area, yet somehow it has a “bath bar” where guests can choose from an assortment of bubble bath, sugar and salt scrubs.

Think cozy, plush suites with fireplaces, yet also with sommelier-curated wine fridges, in-room steam rooms and bathroom floors that can be heated to your desired level of warmth.

Think rooms with clean, white accents, yet also with sharp flat screens, spa products, forest views (hello, grey squirrels!) and heavenly feather beds.

Think a restaurant that simply calls itself The Farmhouse Inn Restaurant, yet has scored a Michelin star for its use of ingredients direct from the Bartolomei’s ranch, curated wine list and respect for all ingredients big and small.

Think a pool with two unassuming fire pits that transforms into a s’mores bar and making station after sunset each night.

The Farmhouse Inn also partners with several of the most lauded winemakers in the region to offer private and special VIP tastings – often getting tasting fees partially or completely waived. Just some of the partner wineries in the area include: Gary Ferrell, Medlock Ames Ranch, Hawkes Winery, Zialena Winery, Iron Horse Vineyards, Copian Wine Cellars and Harford Family Winery.

And yes, there is a spa! Still closed amid COVID-19, when back open it is such a treat. The soothing sanctuary is actually housed in something called a “wellness barn” yet manages to offer five-star treatments using CBD oil, LED light therapy and prebiotics shrubs.

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