The Blind Rabbit Hidden Dining Spot California

Best Hidden Dining Experiences in California

There’s hidden gems, and then there’s actual hidden restaurant spots that are known (and accessible) to only a select few. California is pretty abundant in both—but it’s the state’s underground dining destinations that have managed to captivate both locals and tourists alike. Here are some of the best hidden dining experiences in California—so unique and captivating, you’ll feel quite literally, as if you’re in a movie.

The Blind Rabbit

Orange County

You might not peg Anaheim as a speakeasy destination (especially with all of its kid-friendly Disney offerings) but the city is home to The Blind Rabbit—a cozy and warm environment hidden just through a secret door, and that features innovative cocktail creations. For more information, visit

Cafe 27


This beachy, Malibu hotspot is nestled within the Topanga Canyon—and is built almost entirely into the side of a hill. While it requires a bit of a drive to get to the Lucious location, visitors are treated to a multi-level patio and an expansive selection of brunch menu offerings upon their arrival. For more information, visit

Anajak Thai

Sherman Oaks

Anajak Thai takes making the most of your space to a whole new level. While the central seating area of the restaurant is quite simple, it’s the space’s outdoor alleyway which is especially Instagrammable. The alley features rows of square tables decorated in an elegant white tablecloth as they sit just beside the building, awaiting the arrival of a 14-course Thai meal. Reservations are a necessity at this quaint restaurant. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy Calabama.


East Hollywood

This gem is a weekend-only pop-up, so it’s hours of operation are pretty limited. Even more noteworthy than its visiting hours, Calabama is so hidden that the food offerings are literally delivered via a bucket which is lowered from the fire escape of an unsuspecting East Hollywood apartment. Albeit strange, locals and tourists alike rave about Calabama’s breakfast sandwiches—and the performative element really adds to it theatrical, Hollywood charm. For more information, visit

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