Author: Fabulous California

Natasha Miller

Fabulous People: Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller is the founder and CEO (and jazz vocalist who will soon be releasing her memoir!) of event and entertainment production company, San Francisco-based Entire Productions. “We produce bold, amazing events for mostly Fortune 500 companies.”


Fabulous People: Monica Klausner

Los Angeles-based Monica Klausner is the co-founder of Veestro, which makes fully-prepared, plant-based meals and delivers them straight to your front door. Best of all, Veestro’s healthy meals can be delivered to anywhere within the continental United States.

Peter Qu

Fabulous People: Peter Qu

Peter Qu is the CEO and head of vehicle engineering at Zebra, an e-bike company working hard to make personal transportation clean, affordable and fun through the innovative design. “We are out there to challenge the car-centric transportation paradigm and bring more e-bikes to the street of California.”

san diego family

Family-Friendly Rentals in San Diego

From a plethora of great beaches to amazing restaurants and kid-friendly attractions, your family will make lifelong memories in San Diego. Girl About Town has hand-picked vacation rentals perfect for your family, large or small, to enjoy all the fun San Diego has to offer.

julie arvan

Fabulous People: Julie Arvan

Julie Arvan is the chief mother officer, owner and founder of Nesting Days, a San Francisco-based company that sets out to welcome babies into the world by making skin-to-skin baby wearing, comfortable, safe, easy and pretty. “As I worked with new moms I saw the need for a better newborn carrier, and I realized that I had the unique combination of skills and experience to create it.”

tiffany scott

Fabulous People: Tiffany Scott

Tiffany Scott is the founder and CEO of RÓEN, a luxury clean beauty line based in Los Angeles. “When I moved to Los Angeles for my formal education, I fell in love with the glamour and beauty so prevalent in that culture and it inspired me to create a beauty line that was clean, luxe and glamorous, my favorite things!”