Author: Fabulous California

Fabulous People: Dina Rezvanipour

Dina Rezvanipour is the CEO of 3d Public Relations and Marketing, which has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Florida. “We work with brands and experts in the beauty, wellness, lifestyle and fashion sectors, to help secure media and influencer coverage, celebrity endorsements and produce events.”

Dustin Bamboo

Fabulous People: Dustin Rodriguez

Dustin Rodriguez is the general manager and beverage director of The Bamboo Club in Long Beach. “It was the first tiki-themed bar in the area, and we host local musicians and DJ’s on the regular, in addition to having a full lineup of recurring events.”

Danielle Van Steen

Fabulous People: Danielle Van Steen

Danielle Van Steen is the newly appointed executive chef of Little Italy’s Ironside Fish & Oyster. The San Diego-based, maritime-themed eatery offers a “unique seafood dining experience that will leave guests feeling like they are about to set sail on a 19th-century ocean liner.”

sara de luca

Fabulous People: Sara De Luca

Sara De Luca is the creator and founder of Invita Café, a family-owned Italian-inspired modern coffee bar with locations in Rancho Santa Fe and Carlsbad. De Luca, a San Diego native, founded Invita in 2017 with the goal of bringing Italian coffee culture and hospitality to America.

miriam and angela

Fabulous People: Mariam El Haj and Angela El Haj

Mariam El Haj and Angela El Haj are the co-founders of Anaheim’s Calaca Mamas Cantina, which celebrates the sisters’ deep-rooted love for Mexican food and culture. “With Spanish being the second-most spoken language in Southern California, we created Calaca Mamas to honor the tradition of Mexican culture.”