KNVS Opens in Oceanside

The fourth concept from Kevin Shin’s line of dining destinations, KNVS, has just opened its doors. The Oceanside restaurant is welcoming guests to its new, innovative dining experience that blends an immersive art gallery with haute cuisine. 

Located on The Fin Hotel Campus, KNVS (pronounced “canvas”) is a space where guests can indulge in a fare and cocktail menu that reflects the art surrounding them. The current menu, curated by co-chefs Michael Mitchem and Matthew Monko, was inspired by the present art display, The Floral Guild, a collection that contrasts suggestive feminine subjects found in nature with dark polarities by local artist Margaret Alexis Chiaro. 

The KNVS Oceanside menu pulls inspiration from Chiaro’s work, offering contrasting and contemporaneous bites. Some items guests can expect to enjoy include the vegan Ratatouille Bouquet and the berry-cured salmon. The cocktail menu, developed by Beverage Director Wyatt DeMars, was also inspired by the dark and light elements from The Floral Guild and created a lineup featuring moody sips with dark tones, like Love Bush with Jamaica rum, lime, bell pepper, chartreuse and agave and Iris, with rye, cognac, apple, lemon, pepper and charcoal. 

KNVS Oceanside will spotlight new artists throughout the year, including musicians, florists, painters and more. Rather than keeping commission made from sales, KNVS asks each artist to pick their favorite charity to donate 15 percent of the proceeds to. 

Shin’s three other concepts include historic and Hawaiian-inspired restaurant and bar, The Switchboard Restaurant; coffee shop North County Roastery; and pop-up Korean street food lounge, Haetae. To learn more about KNVS Oceanside, visit

Photo credit: Megan Jane Burges

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