Best Smoothie & Juice Bars in California

California is beloved for a lot of different things—but if there’s one thing it covers really well, it’s definitely smoothie shops and juice bars. The state is a hub for all things health and wellness, and their extensive list of locally owned juiceries is full proof of that. Here are some of the best.

Moon Juice


Speaking in the least cliche way possible, Moon Juice’s fresh blends are quite literally out of this world. The Cali-chic juice bar—which is based in Venice—serves up cold-pressed juices via a variety of flavors that mostly aim to nourish the body through benefits like bone strength, immunization, and alkalization. Customers favorites include the Beauty Nectar and the Blue Moon Water. For more information, visit


Manhattan Beach

All of Kreation’s juices are made from Farmer’s Market Certified Organic fruits and veggies that are locally purchased in Santa Monica. The result is an extensive drink selection composed of options that are as good for you as they are completely delicious. Kreation boasts 18 different cold pressed juices that range in flavors from Green 1 to Relax or Distress. For more information, visit


Del Mar

This organic superfood cafe wants to empower people to live their healthiest lives—and their delicious cold-pressed juices are helping to incentivize just that. In fact, Beaming only uses the freshest ingredients to create their nutritious juices, with each one containing three to five pounds of vegetables. Talk about a nutritional, all-in-one product! For more information, visit

Sunlife Organics


Sunlife Organics is on a simple mission to love, heal and inspire. And through this mission, they’ve been able to create a unique community within their store that’s dedicated to providing the most wholesome foods possible. Beyond its six different fresh juices, Sunlife offers specials like signature superfood shake smoothies and acaí bowls too. For more information, visit

Bowl’d Açaí

San Francisco

Bowl’d Açaí creates fresh, on-the-go juices and açaí quite literally via juice trucks, which can be seen all throughout the San Fran area. The various açaí bowls, smoothies and pressed juices are made with the freshest produce to provide the body with only the most essential micronutrients and vitamins. For more information, visit

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