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Randy Wagener

Wagener is the managing partner of The Smoking Gun and Spill the Beans, a vibrant bar and coffee shop that operates 24/7 Downtown San Diego.

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Dad to: Caleb, almost 2, and Marli, a few weeks old

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

Favorite ways to spend family time in CA: We love venturing out of the house as a family, especially with our energetic dog and two young children. Exploring new parks and attending local events in San Diego brings us immense joy. While it can be a bit challenging with two under two and a furry companion, the memories we create outdoors are truly precious, and it’s a wonderful way to prioritize our mental well-being.

Your most rewarding fatherhood moment: One of the most fulfilling moments of fatherhood was witnessing my oldest child displaying empathy toward his younger sister, particularly when she would cry. It was a heartwarming indication of his growing understanding and compassion.

Biggest challenge as a dad: Balancing work and family time is my biggest challenge as a dad. Both aspects of my life demand attention, and I am driven to excel in both roles. Juggling the responsibilities can be demanding, but I have learned the importance of recognizing when I am tired or need a break. I remind myself that it’s only temporary, and I strive to stay ahead of any potential impatience.

A father who inspires you and why: My own father has been a great source of inspiration to me. He taught me to always look ahead and understand that life is about more than just the present moment. His wisdom and guidance have shaped my perspective on fatherhood and have been invaluable in my journey.

Best piece of advice for a new dad: For any new dad, my best advice is to be as supportive as possible with your partner. Embrace every moment with your children, as they grow up incredibly fast. Make it a priority to engage in activities outside the house, creating lasting memories and breaking away from the monotony of home life. It not only exhausts the little ones in a positive way but also fosters a stronger bond within the family.

Your biggest hope for your children: Above all, my biggest hope for my children is that they grow up to be exceptional individuals who make a positive impact on society. Their character and contributions are what truly matter, regardless of their financial status. I aspire for them to be compassionate, caring and instrumental in bringing about positive change.

How are you celebrating Father’s Day? I will be celebrating Father’s Day by cherishing every minute spent with my kids, supporting my wife and fulfilling my responsibilities as a father. Every day is an opportunity to embrace the joy and love that my family brings, and Father’s Day serves as a reminder to appreciate these blessings. I might have an extra beer though given the occasion. 

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