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Fabulous People: Tiffany Daniels

Star of Nickelodeon’s “That Girl Lay Lay,” actress Tiffany Daniels is also a force in the fitness world. When not on the small screen, Daniels can be found teaching sold-out spin classes in Los Angeles at TRUFUSION West Hollywood. Learn about Tiffany Daniels

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Hometown: San Diego, CA

First job: I was a very independent and responsible child so my first job was in fifth grade. My mother and I decided that I was old enough to ride my bike to school and no longer needed to go to my babysitter in the mornings beforehand. But, my babysitter asked me if I still wanted to come over and help make breakfast for the other kids. She offered me $5 a week – tax-free, baby! Twenty weeks of babysitter pancakes and that Nintendo Gaming System was mine!

Favorite ways to spend your free time in CA: If I am not using my free time to sleep, then I love trying different plant-based restaurants around LA. I love going to hot Pilates and hot yoga classes at the fitness studio where I also teach spin. I love a steam room, going on walks, going to the theater and every now and then you can catch me visiting with a friend over a matcha latte or a whiskey neat.

Your biggest accomplishment and why: I can’t really single out one particular accomplishment as the biggest, because it has been a continuous journey of decisions and choices that I have made throughout the years that have built the platform of achievements that I stand on today. I wasn’t able to articulate what my passion was at a young age, but I was able to recognize joy, and that is the noteworthy accomplishment that guided each and every decision I made moving forward. I have been saying yes to any and all things in the pursuit of my personal joy every single day of my life, and I plan to continue on that journey for all the days I am gifted moving forward.

The biggest obstacle you overcame: Overcoming the obstacles in my life is still a work in progress. I am currently working through the alignment and understanding of what is energetically for me and what is not. Acknowledging that we flow in and out of seasons and not everything or everyone is meant to last forever – and that is OK. I am learning to accept the lessons, wins and losses that life brings and carry that knowledge with me on to the next.

Someone who inspires you and why: I am inspired by anyone and everyone that is going after what it is they want out of this life with all of the passion, fire and tenacity that they have inside of them. I am inspired by focused, driven, passionate goal-getters who won’t accept anything less than everything they are worthy of. Listen, the truth is, not everyone is gonna “make it”…but that shouldn’t matter. It is the pursuit of the dream that inspires me.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: Every opportunity you are given to do what you love is a gift, no matter the size, scope or reach. Within every gig there is a chance to develop and refine your artistry. Once you clearly define what success looks and feels like to you, nothing that isn’t for you will pass you by.

Favorite quote: “Just keep going!”

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I am 42 years old! No one ever believes me. Ha! I know I don’t look, act or feel 42 …but my driver’s license don’t lie.

What makes someone fabulous: From my lens, there is nothing material or external that can make someone fabulous. It is all about how you feel. If you wake up every day and feel fabulous, then we, as the co-stars and guest stars of your storyline, have no option but to second that emotion. Fabulous is a choice, so let’s choose it daily!

Photo credit: Wes Klein Photography

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